11.11.2019 07:42 AM

We get letters: a PPC fan writes in

…it’s indecent how much I enjoy their total and complete humiliation in the election.



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    Derek Pearce says:

    Heh. It’s like she’s looking at the world through an inverse lense or something. Everything she said in that tweet is the opposite of reality. Fascinating but a bit disconcerting to see someone live in that kind of disconnect.

    Now then WK, good point about Trudeau, but other than that there isn’t a lot to debate, not really. Cherry should’ve retired or been forced to quite awhile ago. But it makes sense he’d go from bigotry against “French guys” through to Europeans in general and right on to “you people” (meaning Canadians of colour). Sportsnet needs to fire his ass and it’s a shame the CBC didn’t have the balls to do it either many moons ago.

    Best comment I saw about Coach’s Corner- “it’s great cuz it gives me enough time to both use the shitter and go make a snack and I can be back to the tv without missing anything important”.

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    Peter says:

    I’m as con-leaning as anyone, but I am really getting very sick and tired of hearing nativist complaints about immigrants. If you take a hard look at who is behind violence in schools, who is ripping off welfare, who is running criminal drug businesses, etc, it isn’t mainly immigrants. Of course some of them are involved (as first generation immigrants of every nationality always have been), and when they are it is highly “visible”, but native-born Canadians outpace them on all counts. We are damn lucky to have most of them (they are lucky too). Don’t believe me? Just run down to your local hospital or retirement home and try to imagine how, from surgeons to nurse to technicians and down to support staff, they wouldn’t collapse without them. And don’t even get me started on high-tech or who is winning all the school prizes there days.

    Recently I took a bus a few times along an an express route to a local community college. It was packed with students and I would guess sixty or even seventy percent of them were African and Asian. What I noticed was that they were all impressively dressed and turned out, while the good Canadian stock looked like slobs. I don’t mean the newcomers were dressed formally, they were dressed in student-casual garb like everyone, but their clothes were clean and pressed, their hair was well-done, etc. It all spelled pride and self-respect, while the whites were just schlepping along as if they had just woken up and grabbed something to wear out of their laundry basket. I sure know who I would hire if I had to chose.

    I’ve always kind of liked Cherry, but this puts him past his sell-by date. Does he really think all native-born Canadians wear poppies? As a matter of fact, I missed this year. I sure hope he doesn’t call me out on Coach’s Corner, but somehow I’m not too worried he would do it because I’m not in his sights.

    There are lots of very tough issues surrounding immigration—levels, illegals, family connections , labour markets, etc. and it should be fair ball to debate them openly without some woke activist accusing you of racism, but in terms of the ones we have with us today, we should be very grateful. Get out and smell the flowers, conservatives.

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    Eastern Rebellion says:

    Sounds like somebody needs a hug (and more seriously, therapy). Hope you get the help you need Ms. Julie.
    With respect to the abject stupidity of Mr. Cherry’s most recent comments, Don’s best before date has long passed, and I have always been astounded by the degree of seriousness his commentary is given. He acts (and dresses) like a clown, is a complete loudmouth, and panders to some of the most regrettable instincts of the crowd. So why does anyone take him seriously? Hopefully now the plug will be pulled and we will be spared anymore of his offensive comments, and the videos of hockey players fighting (something that is now becoming mercifully rare).

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    Mike Jeffries says:

    “So let me get this straight…
    The country just elected a man who wore blackface more times than he can say, who backs a values test for immigrants but only to Quebec, backed dropping Quebec’s immigration level and was weak on Bill 21. But Don Cherry is the big problem?”
    Brian Lilley

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      Eastern Rebellion says:

      The country has had their say on Justin, whether you like it or not. Don isn’t running for office, he serves at the pleasure of his employer. He said what he said, and has to suffer the consequences.

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        Mike Jeffries says:

        Yes, you state the obvious sir, JT is still PM. Yet his sin of racism is beyond the pale while Don’s was not!
        “Their say” sir? JT lost the popular vote whether “you like it or not.”!

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    Chris says:

    Don should take the Liberal MP for Sydney Nova Scotia and both go into retirement, forever away from any microphones.

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