12.03.2019 09:05 AM

We get letters: our new friend likes all-caps (updated)

UPDATE: I just was told the “TWEP” he refers to means “terminate with extreme prejudice.” Yes, we’ve passed it along to the police.


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    Pedro says:

    I just wanna say that all these moronic idjits who write this threatening and insulting stuff to you and about you is flabbergasting! I in no way agree with a lot of your views but can’t fathom the vitriol spouted towards you. Like, umm, who are you? Some sort of king-maker or master of the direction of whatever theatre that is our gubmints? Wow! People gotta get lives. You ain’t standing in the way of the cure for blindness or anything. Sheesh!

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      Darwin O'Connor says:

      I run a transit prediction website which is much less political and controversial then this one, yet I still get emails like these:

      “Hi I have given you chances that the LTC does not work and others work FUCK YOU ASSHOLE Take it OFF Now or I will complain to the CRTC to take your fucking piece of shit app down now I will find another bus tracker app that tracks LTC fleet Numbers Fuck You TransSee YOU SUCK GOODBYE Take it off now”

      Note: I’m pretty sure LTC is the London Transit Commission, one of the transit agencies I support.

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    Fred from BC says:

    I could be all wrong here, but if I had to put money on the identity of this lunatic I would go with an Eastern European origin.

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