01.03.2020 11:14 AM

And, yes, I haven’t been as critical of Trudeau since the election. Here’s why.


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    You, to your credit, wouldn’t even kiss God’s ass.

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      Fred from BC says:

      “You, to your credit, wouldn’t even kiss God’s ass.”

      (Thanks for that one, Ron…fortunately I had already swallowed my mouthful of coffee, so a keyboard catastrophe was avoided..:)

      Funny thing about this Ryan guy, though, is that he thinks WK *should* have continued to kick Trudeau when he’s down? Then what…whine about that, too? You can’t win with these types; we’ve all seen them, and they just live to irritate people.

      As for JT himself, I can’t remember the last time I saw a politician quite so humbled, especially in relation to what he was like before the election ( was flying high, believing his own hype, thinking he was bulletproof, not listening or caring to what anyone else said, etc, etc…). There is no doubt in my mind that his enablers in the PMO, the party and the media had a big hand in his downfall and spent the days after the election kicking themselves for not acting like the professionals they (supposedly) are and looking past Trudeaumania Version 2.0 to see the real truth: that JT’s antics had hurt him badly, politically, and that he really, really needed to just GROW UP and start acting like the Prime Minister of Canada, not some overage frat boy.

      Guys like Ryan, who now realize just how wrong they were not to listen to the many voices they had written off as “haters” and “Con shills” (completely ignoring all the Red Flags that anyone with a logical mindset or even a modicum of common sense *should* have picked up on) are now so embarrassed that they can’t just do the smart thing and keep quiet about it, hoping no one will remember how willfully blind they were. No, they have to try and ‘save face’ by using snark and sarcasm to attack those who tried so hard to warn them, going with the tried-and-true “the best defense is a good offense” tactic (yeah, no…not always appropriate *or* effective, kids).

      Life’s too short to care about the opinions of losers, and Ryan and his like (the comment boards are loaded with them) are definitely the losers. They keep crowing about how Justin Trudeau “beat the Conservatives” and “he still won” despite the fact that even with weak and flawed candidate like Andrew Scheer for an opponent and all the news media running interference for him Trudeau still lost enough seats to lose his majority government, while the Conservatives actually gained seats and won more overall votes that the Liberals.

      Oh well. We’ll get to do it all over again soon enough…

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        This is both prose and poetry — not to mention exceedingly good advice. Won’t bet either way whether the Liberals follow it but I can tell you that I’m gone.

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