, 01.30.2020 09:50 AM

Bell Let’s Talk Twitter thread: the response

My tweeted thread on the Bell Let’s Talk day got a big response. The thread is here.

Below is a sampling of some of the comments I received, with names and identifying information removed.  I was blown away by what came back at me.

There are many, many people in pain out there.  But their courage and honesty and determination to move forward is simply incredible.

(And, to those who said I was brave, I respectfully disagree.  I just said the truth – my truth, I guess. It was easy to do.  The really brave people are the ones still out there, struggling with mental health challenges all on their own.  If you need help, or just want to talk, DM me on Twitter anytime. I’m not a professional, but I will do what I can.)

  • Thank you Warren. A while back, over the holidays, you tweeted that if we needed someone to talk to, we could DM you. Just wanted to say thank you for that. While I havent reached out, that tweet helped more than you will ever know.

  • Thanks @kinsellawarren for sharing. It’s not easy admitting you’re vulnerable and not invincible.

  • Powerful thread here. Brought tears to my eyes, I’ve been hiding in silence and it isn’t working. Step 3 says no drinking but let’s have a beer some time.

  • There are times the thing @kinsellawarren writes can make me stabby [sic]. Not this time. Open, honest, even a little bit raw, but it might just help someone out there and is worth the read.

  • Everything this guy has shared is so true and so normal and so common. Please pay attention to @kinsellawarren. When my Mom was 60, she tried to kill herself. It was a long (talking) road back for her & me. But she made it!

  • Warren, you need to know how much this is helping so many people right now, including myself. You are a good man.

  • Thanks for sharing your story.  We admire your courage.

  • A beautiful honest post, thanks for sharing many will take comfort in your words.

  • Glad you mentioned diet, exercise, sleep, etc. FWIW, my psychiatrist wife and I did a book on those and other concrete steps to take, especially if (at least at first) you aren’t getting the help you ask for mhnav.com/book/

  • Thanks for sharing. I’m finding more and more we all have our devils to fight and deal with. Some more successful than others. Showing a little real empathy towards others goes a long way towards dealing with them. But sometimes we need Professional help.

  • Such great advice, broken down in manageable sips. Thank you for sharing. We can kick thru darkness…. with support, using our own strength, and by attending to our own wellness.

  • Thanks for sharing your “Let’s Talk” tale. That’s very brave. Let me add that no one needs to share their issues on social media. Ask your family doctor to recommend a qualified mental health professional to guide you through your trauma.

  • I felt seen. I’d been there, different (personal) darkness… but there. It’s raw and powerful when someone shares the story. It can hurt to share, but if it helps just one person to know they aren’t alone in what they’re feeling, it worked.

  • I am #Sick not Weak. People like you inspire me everyday to never give in to this Thank you SO Much Tears writing this, happy and relief ones not sad ones.

  • Well said. Sleep is such an important to make sure you have enough of! So many great tips! Thank you and take good care of yourself.

  • Warren I’ve had plenty of demons in my time, some of which I still can’t talk about, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing your struggle and your story.

  • Your 5 points are excellent ones. The 4th resonates strongest with me. GEM. Gratefullness, Empathy, Meditation. For me, prayer and praise is most of my meditation. I go to church BECAUSE I’m not perfect… rationally I don’t agree 100%, but personally.

  • I struggled with depression for 3 years. I really found out who my friends were. I am also here if you need a friend!

  • It isn’t easy to make oneself so vulnerable Warren. Thank you, from me and many others, that I am certain. I was diagnosed with PTSD (which surprised me at the time). I had watched my youngest son die after becoming ill…

  • You’re undoubtedly making a difference for many people out there suffering. They now have a plan in hand and a renewed hope.


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