, 01.26.2020 09:02 PM

KINSELLACAST 92: Adler, Mraz & Kinsella on prejudice and fear


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    Dean Parlee says:

    Hi Warren yes I believe we need to help out homosexuals, even the the church is now more accepting. That means we need to show that we love them and want to help. But I think it means it we don’t have to accept their agenda, but in a God loving way we have to be there we they need it. I am a little old school but also have friends and relatives that are homosexual… we need to be more accepting society .

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    Darcy F-ing Wallace says:

    Dear Mr. Kinsella/Punk Rock Warlock,

    Really appreciated the podcast segment with yourself and Mr. Adler this week. Do you ever wonder if the old guard of neo-nazi knuckle draggers talk to their kids like …

    “In my day we had walk uphill in the snow 15 miles each way to distribute our leaflets on the coming race war. You whipper snappers don’t know how easy you have it with your StormFront.com & your 4Chan memes”

    Keep fightin’ the good fight as we mark 75 years this week


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    Martin says:

    Thank god for CFNY or I never would have heard of Tom Robinson.

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