03.17.2020 07:47 AM

Home Hardware makes amends

Some of us complained to them, yesterday, that one of their Ontario stores was selling small containers of hand sanitizer for $15. People noticed.

So did Home Hardware. Thank you, all.


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    Brian says:

    I kinda think supply and demand rules and 15 bucks isn’t unreasonable when you factor in that many HH stores are owned privately. Funny how leftists scream at the small chain for raising prices but don’t show the same righteous indignation when Home Despot and Wal-Mart ruin entire economies in small cities and towns by having artificially low prices based on their corporate buying power. Nice job guys. You’re trying to prevent someone from earning money that their entitled to. Communist much?

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      Darwin O'Connor says:

      Leftists have been complaining about Wal-Mart for decades.

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