04.15.2020 09:50 PM

He’s going to lose


  1. Gyor says:

    If the Dems hadn’t chosen Biden, I’d agree, but they did choose Biden so at best its a toss who will win. But the debates should be hilarious.

    And I don’t blame any American for just saying home on E-day, promising to veto universal healthcare alone was unforgivable.

    • Gyor,

      The problem with Biden has always been the VoluntaryBidenBlundersTM…

      But given the pandemic and its twin of a failing economy, frankly, I don’t see how Biden can lose. The depression recovery won’t be for at least a year, at minimum, so IMHO Trump is royally and truly fucked.

  2. joe says:

    “When somebody is President of the United States, the responsibility is total.” Joe Biden

    No responsibility for the governors?

    A number of prominent US Governors and the main street media say that the President does not have the authority to decide when to go back to work, the Governors do and they will make that decision.

    Yet Andrew Cuomo said referring to shutdowns “you cannot do this ad hoc one state at a time. Make a decision, tell the states this is the decision and then let’s go”


    • joe,

      This is a tricky one. In law, the governors are right. States’ Rights and all that. But a presidential executive order is presumed to be constitutional unless a high-court says otherwise. So, Trump could pull it off and it would stand, at minimum, until it reached a federal appellate court level.

    • Legally, governors have the authority to open thier states, but practically the opening should be coordinated.

  3. the real Sean says:

    Everyone knows that George Washington was Jesus’ favorite apostle. When they ascended Mount Rushmore on July 4th, they discovered lightening which led to the creation of the Electrical Collage. This is why state legislatures get to choose a President, no matter who the majority of the people vote for. So, anyone who questions anything Trump does is against God and against George Washington. Coronavirus was created by Democrats and Sanjay Gupta and Pontius Pilate to make Trump look bad. A lot of people are saying it. You know it and I know it. Good people on both sides. We’ve got the masks and the ventilators ready to rock. The best testing ever. Best testing anywhere. Most testing of all countries combined. Perfect phone calls with the governors. Total authority to make WWE wrestlers an essential service.

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