, 04.26.2020 02:11 PM

KINSELLACAST 105: Adler and Kinsella on Trump, Biden and The Cure for Bleach Overdoses!


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    Lawrence Barry says:

    WK – gotta disagree – Wish – still 1 of my favourite albums all time

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      Martin says:

      A Forest was actually a single. I would go with The Head On A Door. Got sucked into one of those FB favourite 10 albums(not possible-thought it would need to be 20 but on further reflection, likely 50) things and went with New Order’s cd collector’s edition of Movement because of all the stuff they added to it.

      Disc: 1
      1. Dreams Never End
      2. Truth
      3. Senses
      4. Chosen Time
      5. ICB
      6. The Him
      7. Doubts Even Here
      8. Denial

      Disc: 2
      1. Ceremony (Alternate 12″ Version)
      2. Temptation (7″ Version)
      3. In a Lonely Place (12″ Version)
      4. Everything’s Gone Green (12″ Version)
      5. Procession
      6. Cries and Whispers (12″ Version)
      7. Hurt (12″ Version)
      8. Mesh (12″ Version)
      9. Ceremony (Original 7″ Single Version)
      10. Temptation (Alternate 12″ Mix) [2008 Remaster]

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    Derek Pearce says:

    WK, dude– “…Pornography from 1982, that was their last good album” lol how can you off-hand insult Disintegration like that ? Disintegration is a fucking fantastic album! I mean, you just played 2 tracks from it. Glad I got to see The Cure in concert back in the day, it was a great show.

    Going forward something is going to have to be done about the potential for cop cars and uniforms to be faked. This cannot ever happen again.

    Don’t drink the bleach, be well.

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      Warren says:

      Good point. You’re right, as usual.

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