04.28.2020 08:46 AM

This fellow is a genius

Six words. Brilliant.


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    the real Sean says:

    I’m on CERB and the government is politely pumping COVID CA$H into my bank account which is nice. However, there seems to be little rhyme or reason re. the amounts or the frequency. Anyone else experience the same thing?

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    Steve Teller says:

    Very true, with respect to:
    (1) live (“wet”) markets
    (2) unwillingness to lock down borders sooner when an issue is identified
    (3) selfish nature of human beings overall, as evidenced by hoarding and unwillingness to obey social distancing guidelines.

    Not so true with respect to:
    (1) government ability and willingness to help. There has been a massive fiscal outpouring in Canada and the U.S., which was deployed fairly quickly.
    (2) rapid deployment of information to the public by most provincial governments
    (3) continued resilience of many Canadians, in particular small business owners and others who have never gone “on the dole”, and really want to avoid it.
    (4) the huge benefit that technology has given us during this situation. Can you imagine if this happened 20 years ago? A lot more loneliness, a lot more mental illness, a lot less communication, and a lot less schooling.

    So overall, “normal” did OK, but of course we can learn from our mistakes as well!

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