, 06.19.2020 06:54 AM

Because it’s 2020

On sexual assault, and sexual harassment, Justin Trudeau is not to be believed. He just isn’t.

But will some self-described Liberal “feminists” go on TV and defend it? You know they will.

Member of Parliament Marwan Tabbara — who is expected to appear in court today to face assault and criminal harassment charges — was approved to run for the Liberals in the 2019 federal election despite a party investigation into allegations of sexual harassment made against him during his last mandate, CBC News has learned.

The Liberals looked into detailed allegations of misconduct made against the Kitchener South-Hespeler MP that included inappropriate touching and unwelcome sexual comments directed at a female staffer, according to sources with knowledge of the allegations. The allegations date back to the 2015 election campaign, the source said.

The sources who spoke to CBC News requested anonymity, citing the risk of being blacklisted within Liberal circles and it negatively impacting their careers.

CBC News has confirmed the party’s internal investigation determined that some of the allegations were substantiated, but has not been able to learn whether Tabbara faced any consequences.

Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s zero-tolerance policy on sexual misconduct in the workplace, the party approved Tabbara as a Liberal candidate last year.


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    Douglas W says:

    Vote-rich areas (GTA, Greater Montreal, etc.) remain quite comfortable with the Liberal brand.

    Trudeau will continue to govern, as if he were king.

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    John Hennessey says:

    Somewhere as the mask slowly slips from this virtue signaler’s face and folks realize what Trudeau really is, JWR, Jane Philpott, Celine Caesar – Chavanne, Leona Allslev, Ruth Ellen Brosseau, Rose Knight and many others are experiencing a sense of quiet satisfaction.
    It was all about being a front for the LPC. Brains, experience, leadership qualities and morals had nothing to do with it.

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    the real Sean says:

    I’m sure LPC did a thorough investigation… consisting of counting the re-upped lawn sign locations. At this point, I can’t imagine the purpose of having a green light committee.

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    Fred J Pertanson says:

    This is is just an example of Liberals respecting diversity. Certain groups treat their women as chattels. Since diversity is our strength. that has to be ok!

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    William Morrison says:

    Don’t you understand? Trudeau fans don’t believe this, or they don’t care, or they say it’s Harper’s fault. None of this matters to a Trudeau fan. They rule this country by some sort of secular divine right, and pointing out what a hypocrite their leader is, is simply a waste of breath.

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    hugh says:

    Nothing will come of it.
    No comments permitted and it’s being buried on the CBC site.
    No wonder I’ve grown disillusioned with politics in this country.

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      The Doctor says:

      Among the majority of Canadians, Liberals will always be judged by a different standard than Conservatives on stuff like this (i.e., anything to do with sexism, racism or culture-war issues like abortion). Liberals will always be cut more slack. It’s not right, it’s not fair, but it’s just the way things are in Canada and have been as long as I’ve been alive. I don’t really expect it to change.

      Come to think of it, it doesn’t just apply to social/culture war issues. If Conservatives cut budgets, they’re evil and heartless. If Liberals do, they’re being fiscally responsible. If Conservatives want free trade with Americans, they’re selling out Canada and erasing the Canada-US border. If Liberals want free trade, it’s ok. And so on. Again, this double standard will always be with us.

      Lorne Gunter wrote the best explanation I’ve ever seen for this in a brief article many years ago. A huge chunk of Canadians simply have a comfort level with the Liberals that they don”t have with the Conservatives. There are reasons for that, but it does lead to head-smacking illogical and hypocritical results and double standards as noted above.

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        Eastern Rebellion says:

        I think much of this is historical. The Liberals, for the most part, have ruled federally in Canada for most of the last 120 years. Many people just associate them with Canada. There are too many ridings in this country which every election elect the same party member, regardless of who they are.

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    joe long says:

    I’m waiting for Justin to announce that this should be a lesson for us all and “we” have to do better.

    Then he’s off to Harrington Lake and the eight boats he bought with tax payer money. But perhaps he’s bought new boats with some of that infrastructure money?

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    lyn says:

    Trudeau is a feminist my A$$…if he was a TRUE FEMINIST he wouldn’t have sexually assaulted a young reporter. He thinks women are chattel to own and abuse like little dolls!! TRUDEAU is worst than a Racist for his BLACK FACE! He thinks he’s got the right to Assault WOMEN as WELL! Since he has sexually assaulted himself…he can’t say “NO” to a new Liberal candidate they are ONE of the SAME.

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