06.17.2020 03:14 PM


Trudeau needed to be taught a lesson.

Also, I’m Irish. Erin Go Bragh.



  1. The Doctor says:

    The Liberal Party of Canada fixation/obsession with this getting a UNSC seat is really weird.

    The whole campaign also seems to animate these people — let’s call them “delusional losers” — who have a completely inflated view of Canada’s actual relevance and importance in the world. Pssst — we’re not really that important or relevant.

    • Chris Sigvaldason says:

      Their “completely inflated view of Canada’s actual relevance and importance” is directly proportional to their belief in themselves. They are drunk on the Kool-Aid. Canadian values are Liberal values, and no others will be heard or tolerated. They would rather close down responsible government (Parliament) than deign answer to anyone who dare questions them.

      The world’s elite has looked down on Canada, its Liberal government, and its tawdry UNSC campaign, and said “thank you for your donation.”

    • PJH says:

      Well said. Sadly, we really aren’t anymore…..It’s still the best place on earth to live, bar none….but important or relevant?….pffft…which saddens me, because at one time, not so long ago, we were.

  2. joe long says:

    To paraphrase Trudeau; “Canada’s back, yep way back.”

    Today the rest of the world sent team Trudeau a message that they don’t want any virtue lectures from the hypocrite in chief, Justin Trudeau.

    Now will Justin return to isolation in his cottage, or will he go off for a summer at his dacha.

  3. After all the fucking around they did, surely they already had it in the bag? Apparently not.

  4. You have no idea how I hope those same people will be at the head of the majority Liberal re-election juggernaut. What a riot.

    (Oh well, back to humble mode.)

  5. the real Sean says:

    They are talking about changing the name of the Laurier Club. They should. It is completely improper to besmirch the reputation of Sir Wilfred Laurier to raise money for a walking bag of slime like Justin Trudeau.

  6. Dave says:

    How much treasure was spend to lose this seat.

    • The Doctor says:

      That’s another thing that really pisses me off. There were instances in which our foreign policy was being compromised and distorted, and we were sucking up to horrible people and regimes, just to advance this stupid Liberal Party vanity project. It’s disgraceful.

  7. PJH says:

    It would appear UN delegates dislike M. Trudeau as much as they did Mr. Harper.(To be fair, Canada got more votes under Harper than they did with Trudeau, I understand).

  8. Gilbert says:

    I understand that the Canadian government now gives less foreign aid and spends less on peacekeeping than under Stephen Harper. That’s not the right direction for gaining a seat on the UN Security Coucil.

  9. Joseph says:

    There is ample evidence that a lesson should be learned.
    The question remains, will it be learned by the student?

    The past is a good indicator of future behaviour.
    Twice found guilty of breach of ethics.
    The sacking of an AG that would not do his bidding.
    Was there a lesson to be learned after those events?
    Did he learn them?

    The means test will be if they blame someone else.

    • Walter says:

      What planet are you living on. I believe it’s 4 incidents and guilty on 13 counts.

      • Joseph says:


        The details are there to correct at your leisure and I have no offence if you do.
        My point was less about the details and an expression that if the past behaviour is a prediction of future events, the lesson will be ignored.

  10. O’Toole sure blew himself up last night when he jumped down MacKay’s throat about the F-35. Erin knows how the selection process works, the timelines and the limited authority of the Defence Minister. He knows full well that Peter couldn’t fast track the process.

    Wasn’t O’Toole sitting right there in cabinet as Veterans Affairs Minister? Did he object in cabinet and/or caucus that the process was too slow or perhaps not exclusive? Did he resign from cabinet in protest? Did he criticize MacKay’s handling of the file publicly?


    That pretty much says it all, doesn’t it?

    • Douglas W says:

      Bad blood amongst Tories.

      Just like the good old days: Dief v Dalton Camp.
      Clark v Mulroney.

      Liberals are loving this.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Nope, I like Erin and he could be a good leader but it’s simply not even remotely credible to go after Peter now on the F-35 when he was sitting right across from MacKay at the same cabinet table. Notice how O’Toole didn’t bring it up tonight? Well, there you go.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      Remember when I said that Peter was at his best when he did his own thinking? Well, MacKay proved that on his feet tonight.

      Boy, Peter’s really firing on all thrusters. May that continue.

      I won’t be telling any of you how to vote. But I know who I’m supporting in this race, the guy who’s ready for the job on Day One.

  11. William Morrison says:

    “Trudeau needed to be taught a lesson.” Indeed. But will he learn it? Is he capable of learning it?

    • Walter says:

      It’s not Trudeau who needs to be taught the lesson – it’s the Canadian electorate.
      And no – I don’t think they learned anything.

  12. Martin says:

    Is anyone going to call out the assholes at the G and M on this nonsense. Today vs 10 years ago.

    Canada loses bid for UN Security Council seat

    Security Council rejection a deep embarrassment for Harper

    • The Doctor says:

      Exactly. If we lose a bid for a UNSC seat when Harper is PM, then it’s all Harper’s fault and it’s because the entire international community hates Harper.

      If we lose a bid for a UNSC when Trudeau is PM, then it’s all Harper’s fault and it’s because the entire international community still hates Harper.

      Liberal Party of Canada and associated fluffer logic.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      We don’t have to cause anyone with a brain knows it’s pure bullshit. Never sweat the small or patently absurd stuff.

      • Martin says:

        The problem is that this kind of bullshit goes on on a regular basis and the average voter does not have the brain power to see it unless they are hit over the head with it. Sent an email to Vassey at P and P to get her to ask one of her said asshole buds at the G and M about this journalistic nonsense but not optimistic she will follow through.

  13. John Hennessey says:

    All together now, ‘It’s all Harper’s Fault’!

    • Jim R says:

      “Some people” are saying that COVID-19 originated in Harper’s residence from an ill-fated attempt at brewing beer. Just saying.

      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        But in fine form Liberal logic, it had to be a conspiracy against Canada, with bad old Harper secretly brewing Yankee beer or Bourbon. Treasonous! Vote Liberal.

  14. Douglas W says:

    Wednesday night ended well for the Liberals.
    Singh, another dismal performance yesterday.
    Conservatives’ French-language leadership debate: a total Gong Show.

    Easy Street for Team Justin.

  15. WestGuy says:

    In keeping with the hypocrisy shown by the Trudeau government on so, so many other examples, I look forward to hearing how losing an election to the Security Council was totally unacceptable when Harper did it…but perfectly acceptable and understandable when Trudeau does it.

  16. Hugh says:

    Unfortunately, he will learn nothing from this.
    He MAY be subdued for a period, but it won’t last.
    The mask will slip, and Trudeau will show his true arrogant face.

  17. Brine says:

    Perhaps the UN is the winner here. A Security Council seat has been denied to a self-declared genocidal and systemically racist country.

  18. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Team O’Toole has asked several police forces to investigate alleged thefts supposedly by Team MacKay operatives, of campaign videos, including phone calls to members.

    Those allegations have been denied by MacKay’s people. All I can say is that I know Peter and he would go ballistic pronto if any of this was actually true. He would never participate in any kind of coverup so the entire episode makes me wonder what kind of alleged evidence has already been turned over to police services. I will leave it to the various police forces to confirm whether any of this is even remotely credible and whether they have enough to consider opening investigations. We should all find out from them pretty quickly what this is all about and whether police action is warranted or not.

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