06.30.2020 06:00 AM

“It’s going to disappear. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.”

That’s Donald Trump on February 28, 2020.

Here’s this week.


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    Steve Teller says:

    Like all stupid and dangerous things Trump has said, this will be dismissed by his sycophants as a general statement that COULD be true. At some point in the fullness of time, the virus will disappear. Next year; next decade; next millennium. See, how could Trump possibly be wrong?

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    Yet Another Calgarian says:

    That may be confirmed cases but at the moment there is no extra spike in deaths correlated to the infection rate:


    If you dig into the CDC numbers its mostly 20-44 year olds getting it with the rate for people over 60 actually dropping to 25% of what it was.

    I think right now the US death rate is approximately 4% more than Europe’s with 600% more cases. That will undoubtedly change as death certificates get issued but I doubt having all those white protesters running around in minority neighborhoods will help the 500 percent age and race discrepancy in hospitalization rates for First Nations, Blacks and Latinos though.

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    PJH says:

    Trump withstood all that was thrown at him, but in the end, done in by his own hubris, and a tiny virus.
    When John and Jane FrontPorch in the heartland are affected by this directly, and perhaps lose a family member or two…..they are going to be angry and looking for someone to blame.
    Meanwhile our own PM comes out of the crisis smelling like a rose. Albeit far from perfect, God Bless Canada’s education system, and universal healthcare.

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      The Doctor says:

      Related to that, the failed/reversed reopenings in deep red states — that is nothing but bad news for Trump’s re-election prospects. He essentially gambled, and probably lost on that count.

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    Yet Another Calgarian says:

    In terms of outcomes both Canada and the US share a roughly 30% survival rate once you end up being placed on a mechanical ventilator. There is zero material difference between the two countries in outcome at that stage whether its public or private health care involved.

    Even the ICU admission rates by age range are almost identical percentage wise between Canada and the US.

    The outbreaks in Canada’s and New York’s long term care facilities also originated in the hospital system. Although in Cuomo’s case he deliberately ordered covid positive patients transferred back where as in Canada it just kind of happened.

    Education system? Not sure what that has to do with anything relating to this doubly so since most don’t seem to be able to understand either the math or science involved.

    As for the PM coming out smelling there is no doubt he will once the books start getting written
    but all the limitation measures were put in place by the provinces or even before the provinces by the public taking steps to limit exposure and by private firms sending people home well before anything was mandated at the provincial level.

    By the time the Feds got around to doing anything most of it was already done by others.

    Also by comparison to the CDC the publicly available data from Health Canada really lacks detail and ease of use with what is available.

    Lastly remember the whole “flatten the curve” thing? The area under the curve remains constant and consists of your total population. The point was to avoid overwhelming the hospitals all at once NOT to stop people from getting it entirely.

    That is a not so minor point and seems to have completely slipped from everyone’s mind the last bit.

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