, 06.28.2020 08:30 PM

KINSELLACAST 114: Adler! Mraz! Kinsella! Chretien’s 30th! Trump’s losing!


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    Robin says:

    I don’t vote Liberal, however, Chretien was one of Canada’s best PM’s. It was Chretien who brought industry, Alberta and Ottawa together to build the 25 year Oil Sands Accord, paving the way for development of the oil sands and a strong Canadian economy for over 2 decades. Regarding Trudeau, I agree he will win a majority, but I also believe it will lead to the break up of Canada as Trudeau is deeply despised in western Canada.

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      Gyor says:

      Chretien was the worst Prime Minister, he made massive cuts to healthcare and education, stuff even Steven Harper wouldn’t do, he stole money from the EI fund and kicked off workers who’d payed into the fund off it, but still expected them to pay into it. He got us into Afganistan. I could continue. Chretien is the reason why I grew up hating the Liberal Party.

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      Douglas W says:

      Few politicians understood all parts of Canada the way Jean Chretien did.
      Plus, he had a stellar cabinet that he gave great lattitude to.

      On the downside: his cavalier approach almost cost this country when Quebecers voted on their future in 1995.
      Jean Charest reversed the Oui’s momentum.
      Also, wished Chretien didn’t lie during the 1993 election about abolishing the GST and threatening to “veto” NAFTA unless five conditions were met.
      He still could have easily won without making those false promises.

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