06.22.2020 10:55 AM

We put up a sign


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    PJH says:

    Nice. One of the good things of the CoVid19 pandemic (if there can be anything good about it) is the realization,for many of us, that we were putting people on pedestals( professional jocks and Hollywood stars in particular) that were far too high.
    Entertainment is important, but I’d much rather have food…. courtesy of farm labourers, processing plant workers, truckers, and grocery chain workers, who risked their health, and in some cases, their lives…so that we would not go without.
    I salute them.

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    Steve T says:

    Definitely a worthwhile sign. Lots of people who are keeping things sorted out behind the scenes, while exposing themselves to the virus every day in ways that regular society is told to avoid.

    Like the police. For all the vitriol hurled at police over the past few weeks, we seem to forget that they find themselves daily in situations that most people never have to face. Since the start of COVID, the police also have to be in close proximity to people who may be sick, and/or may not particularly care whether they infect others.

    I would like to put a “I support the police” sign in my yard, but I think the virtue-signalling crowd might decide that I’m not entitled to have that opinion, and destroy the sign or vandalize my house. Sad days.

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      Max says:

      Steve, just curious here…. who specifically is “virtue-signalling” regarding the police? Indigenous Canadians? Canadians who are black? Politicians? Can you clarify?

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        Steve T says:

        Anyone who villifies the police broadly (you know, the stereotyping we are supposed to avoid?), due to the actions of a very very small number of bad apples.

        The people who show up at rallies with “disband the police” placards.

        The people who spraypaint “F*ck the police” on buildings.

        All the people who jump on a bandwagon without really understanding it, but want to show everyone how “with it” they are.

        Nice try, though, in assuming that my comment was directed at specific races. I guess that’s how this game works, though, right? When it doubt, allege racism.

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          Terence says:

          If it were “only” a few bad apples. Except we know the problems are deep, widespread and endemic to the RCMP, th OPP the Surete du Quebec and the city police in T.O., Winnipeg, you name it. It’s baked into the system and has been since the first police forces (and I use that term deliberately, instead of “services”). The current head of the RCMP doesn’t even know what systemic racism is. We need much deeper and representative civilian oversight with teeth. I.e. the ability to directly intervene in policy making and supervision of senior officers. The police police with our consent.

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            Steve Teller says:

            I am from Winnipeg. The alleged “bad apples” here include police officers that shot and killed a girl who stole a car, robbed a liquor store, robbed another liquor store, and then began ramming the stolen car into various other vehicles. She was actively endangering the lives of innocent bystanders when she was shot.

            Yet now she is held up as evidence of “police brutality”, and lumped in with made-up statistics that purport to show how bad police are.

            If this is what constitutes “deep widespread and endemic” problems with the police, my skepticism is well-founded.

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            Ronald O'Dowd says:


            Well, if the facts presented are 100% correct, then I agree with you in this case. But this is but one case. There may be more or others may be of an entirely different character.

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          Ronald O'Dowd says:


          The problem in Minneapolis is that almost all of them are bad apples. And they aren’t the only department with lots of people of exactly the same calibre. That type of force absolutely should be defunded and DISMANTLED, replaced with one hiring new officers from the ground up.

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          Derek Pearce says:

          Read this. From a former cop. It’s fascinating and shows how the entire policing culture badly needs reform from top to bottom:

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