, 07.19.2020 05:54 PM

KINSELLACAST 117: Lilley on corruption! Mraz on statues! Kinsella on guard for you!


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    Randall Morley says:

    Great podcast! Hope to see your articles in the Sun newspaper again. And I’m a big fan of Brian Lilley.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    Interesting. On how WE will impact Trudeau, both David Coletto at Abacus and Frank Graves at Ekos have tweeted there have been shifts but until I see them hard to say. I don’t think Trudeau will call an early election as it will come across as opportunistic and backfire. Just ask Theresa May or David Peterson who early opportunistic calls went over. I do still think Trudeau has a good shot of getting a majority but timing and who Tory leader is key.

    If O’Toole is Tory leader, I think his chances are much better as O’Toole’s decision to pivot right this time around unlike 2017 will give Liberals plenty to work with on attack ads and even though I think O’Toole will moderate if he wins, he might look like a flip flopper.

    For MacKay, he by contrast does have the potential to beat Trudeau. He is moderate and likeable. He just needs to run a discipline campaign. His biggest weakness is much like Trudeau, he has a tendency to shoot himself in the foot with self inflicted errors so if he can avoid that, could very well be next prime-minister. But if he doesn’t then Trudeau majority.

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    Douglas W says:

    MacKay is looking more like a political pro than O’Toole.
    Smart move, on Pete’s part, hitting the “campaign trail”, visiting most parts of the country.
    Making a convincing case, for himself.

    Agreed: Trudeau could find himself with a majority government, following the next vote.
    But Trudeau, too, is quite capable of shooting himself in the foot.

    Trudeau v MacKay: whoever has the most toes remaining, wins.

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    Peter Tindall says:

    Before Canadians dislocate their shoulders patting themselves on the back at how much better we are than the USA in handling Covid:
    Population 8.4 MM
    Covid deaths 5,655
    Death rate per million: 673
    Population 331 MM
    Covid deaths 143,000
    Death rate per million: 432

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Just Voted:

    1. Peter
    2. Leslyn
    3. Erin
    4. Derek

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    Chris Sigvaldason says:

    Irene Parlby, Nellie McClung, and Emily Murphy are revered as members of the “Famous Five” who fought for, and won, the right for Canadian women to be legally recognized as persons, and thus won the right for women to vote and to run for public office. These three women also supported government efforts to sterilize the “mentally defective” and other undesirable groups (Eugenics). Emily Murphy also fought against Chinese immigration and feared that “they would corrupt the white race by getting Canadians hooked on drugs.” These women are immortalized on numerous statues, by official government historical foundations, and have parks named for them in the city of Edmonton.

    What shall we do about them? Banish them like Sir John A?

    Martin Luther King Jr is considered to be a saint by most people yet a legitimate reading of his history, writings, and teachings could also conclude that he was a serial adulterer who opposed LGBT rights and especially gay marriage.

    Shall we cancel his annual memorial day? Rip down his statues, rename a multitude of roads and schools?

    Where does this kind of historical amnesia lead? No where good. Time to start teaching our kids (and ourselves) some history and civics again. A very thought-provoking podcast. Keep ’em coming. Thanks.

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