07.27.2020 08:23 AM

Now spot: Trump is failing


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    Steve T says:

    Now THAT is a good ad. I love in particular the “aced the test” thing at the end, with the images from the “identify the elephant” question.

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    Phil In London says:

    I think we can all agree that orange man is bad. I will not dispute that.
    What I feel a lot of us miss is that I don’t for a moment believe Trump is the cause of America’s woes, he is a symptom.
    The divide between parties is so deep and there is so small a middle ground that if it isn’t another Trump on the right that I fear. It is another divisive candidate PERIOD that manages to rally a base around him/her that believes anyone who votes for someone else is not someone they want to associate with.
    Racial inequality is real. It might be the worst problem in the USA today, but it is not a divinely Trump problem, it goes back a little way past the civil war to a “peculiar institution” called slavery. Republicans under Abraham Lincoln, a new party freed the slaves. Democrats an older party in some wings of the party succeeded over the right they felt to continue slavery.
    I don’t mean in any way that democrats or republicans are guilty because of the way they vote. There are SOME blacks who contribute to the problem and SOME probably MORE whites in the U.S.A. who contribute and among them there are idiots like orange man that have extended the horrendous disparity between poor blacks and rich whites while letting this pandemic kill indiscriminately.
    Whether it is Joe Biden, or some other replacement for Trump there is going to be a large and very human part of that great nation south of us that is going to feel left out.
    I worry about Trump but I refuse to live my life obsessed with his. I worry about that which follows Trump one hell of a lot more because even if Joe can fix the short term (cards will be stacked against him) this great nation has a lot to figure out over the next few generations may God help them. We are in a better place maybe because we were not born out of war, but we should not be smug as we have our own brands of idiots and people in power who pander to them while depositing their morals at the door to cabinet meetings.

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    Miles Lunn says:

    Good ad and lots out there. Lincoln Project apparently is really getting on his nerves as these are all former Republicans who know how to win elections so any ad that causes Trump to lose his cool is a good one and this does just that.

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    Gilbert says:

    Joe Biden voted for the Iraq War. He’s also a career politician who doesn’t seem to have any great ideas. Though President Trump is far from perfect, I don’t think there’s that much enthusiasm for Joe Biden, a man who Barack Obama endorsed when there was no one else.

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