08.03.2020 07:50 PM

I read obits. They are important.

This one is really important. RIP, David.

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    Phil in London says:

    Powerful, you could ordinarily cast me as an individual rights sort of guy but the huge asterisk on those rights is always that these rights would not make others suffer under ordinary circumstances.

    Well pandemic makes extraordinary what used to be ordinary. Without a pandemic I’d be one who would deem mask wearing suspect. Never trusted people in a protest wearing them for example.

    Now people protest the right NOT to wear one? People feel their rights are violated and don’t give a shit that other’s rights to LIVE are the cost of these “freedoms”?

    My worry is that Trump and the USA in general are being made the scapegoat. Many bear personal responsibility for disrespect and disregard of others. They may be far worse off than we in Canada TODAY but ours is a society perhaps more patient but somewhat greedy of our own rights.

    Maybe we are good, maybe we are lucky but it won’t take millions of idiots to reverse our luck – perhaps a few hundred rebellious people in a few dozen places organizing a protest they think speaks to violating their rights will cause a huge outbreak.

    I’m very relieved our BLM protests did not seem to have wreaked that Covid havoc that some feared.

    What cause otherwise noble in normal circumstances might ignite a fire we can’t extinguish?

    I guess I’m trying to say wear a freaking mask and abandon selfishness for a while. One more David Nagy obit will be one too many.

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