, 08.09.2020 05:23 PM

KINSELLACAST 120: Adler on fire! Mraz on fire! Australian punk rock fire!


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    Robin says:

    I have spent 3 months/year in the USA for over the last 15 years. My current read is that Biden wins the popular vote in New York, Austin, LA, San Franscisco, Portland and Seattle. Trump wins Florida, middle America and rust belt, winning the electoral collage.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Biden seems to be slipping in some recent polls. Meanwhile, Trump signs Executive Orders while Capitol Hill burns. Politics is about perception not reality so both Pelosi and McConnell are losing points on this one. Pelosi is only a hero if she gets there and so far she can’t or won’t. Ditto for McConnell. So Trump scores points.

    Now back to reality: sure, those EOs are unconstitutional but that’s a moot point until some Federal Court says it isn’t. But the big electoral payoff can’t happen for Trump unless he can find some rapid, streamlined way to get the cash to the States. IF he pulls that one off, Biden loses in November.

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    joe long says:

    And a $380 million contract for masks. Justin, where are the masks?


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