08.03.2020 08:01 AM

Which social media platform is most evil, in one handy chart

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    Phil in London says:

    What about ALL?

    Moderated chat like this site are all I participate in. Facebook and LinkedIn have been off my chart for at least ten and years respectively.

    I really don’t get it. I don’t need to know who is baking cookies or plotting world domination. Everyone I know but my mom (92 years young) has a presence as far as I know. If they tell me they posted something on Facebook (like birthday wishes to me) I ask them if they got my hand written card on theirs.

    Data mines all of them. Even this stupid phone and the browser I use are wicked enough in their listening patterns.

    Profiles for doing business is pushed in my industry I survive very well without.

    One needs to be informed not programmed. I read enough news (usually stop when I get angry or nauseous)

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