10.21.2020 08:56 AM

The ballot question


  1. Mark says:

    To be fair, the government would force a vote. The opposition, in voting in concert, would force an election.

    • Steve T says:

      I looks like the NDP will prop up the Libs, so this won’t happen.
      However, I think this is a missed opportunity for the Conservatives. I would have suggested they pull their motion, and then run a pile of advertisements noting that they just want the truth, but they aren’t going to force Canadians back to the polls during a pandemic. Basically, use it to show the heartless, calculating nature of the Libs.
      Now the NDP can wear that crown. It could have been the Conservatives.

    • Ron Benn says:

      Mark, to be fair, a resolution to set up a Parliamentary committee to examine specific events involving the government is not typically a matter of confidence, and thus not a reason to force the government to call an election. However, this government has advised one and all that they will consider it as a matter of confidence. Is their unilateral choice an effort to avoid the possibility of having to answer questions that it knows will range between embarrassing and incriminating?

      On the subject of what is fair, I am prepared to concede that Mr. Kinsella’s question errs, in an amusing manner, towards the provocative end of the spectrum.

  2. These days the ballot question usually ends up as, “Which is the best party to block the Conservatives?”

  3. Jeff says:

    You have got to be kidding me ???
    Blackface,India, JWR, SNC, Aga Khan, Kokanee groping, commuting from Fla., water boxes, the budget will balance itself!!!!!!

  4. Dave says:

    GREATEST PRIME MINISTER EVER! am I right guys…..Warren?……..anyone?

  5. Yet Another Calgarian says:

    Very much yes.

    Precisely becuase the government in question is tryi g to use said pandemic to avoid accountability.

    Oh yes plus all the other wacky hijinks they have been up to over the last five years.

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