, 10.23.2020 07:37 AM

The debate in tweets: Trump too late, Biden biding time


  1. the real Sean says:

    It would be inhumane to shove Trumps corpse into a juice blender and feed the runoff to barn pigs. Inhumane for the pigs.

  2. Quo Vadis says:

    Joe was getting noticeably tired toward the end. Fumbling his thoughts and the big faux pas with regards to fracking. He even glanced down to look at his watch with about 20 minutes to go. Was he thinking “please make the bad man go away” or was it “oh oh the drugs are wearing out too soon”?

    • the real Sean says:

      Biden was checking his watch to see when the garbage truck was coming to pick up the stinking bag across the stage from him.

  3. Steve Teller says:

    Your last point is the most important one; this debate was basically irrelevant. I would guess the number of undecided voters is far less than a rounding error by now.

    For years, members of Team Trump will look back at last night’s debate and wonder where that guy has been for the past 4 years, or even the past 4 months. Far too little, far too late.

    I suspect we will see the old Trump (aka the real Trump) emerge in spades when he loses the election. Get ready for a continuation of the “rigged election” insanity, and perhaps even an attempt to froth-up his supporters into disregarding the results and causing civil unrest.

  4. The Doctor says:

    I’m reminded of something Rick Wilson said: every time Trump adopts a “new tone”, that “new tone” only lasts as long as the batteries on Trump’s shock collar.

  5. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I believe there is a God. And therefore, may he make sure that Biden has it in the bag.

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