10.27.2020 07:13 AM

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    Steve T says:

    Very well-made video, but it’s not going to convert any undecided voters, and certainly not win anyone leaning to Trump.

    Even for me, who is vehemently anti-Trump, the video has a few things that are oversimplifications and stereotypes of the left that I detest. Villainizing the police, and insinuating they are all violent racists. Flashing the picture of Amy Coney Barrett as a symbol of someone bad (not just someone who was nominated by a bad person) – mainly because she is a Christian. Having the vast majority of the people in the video be of colour, thereby continuing to draw racialized lines in politics.

    Trump needs to go, and he is the embodiment of all that is wrong in America – but I just wish this video (which is purportedly about love and inclusiveness) was a bit more loving and inclusive.

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      Nasty Bob says:

      I’d say the primary purpose here is not to change anybody’s mind. It’s the sequel to the equally well done will.i.am spot “ Yes We Can” from 12 years ago. Its aim is to inspire, uplift and get out the vote. It targets Black people because they’re the ones most targeted for voter suppression tactics. Clinton took the Black vote for granted and thought Trump alone would motivate them to stand in line for hours and hours . Biden’s showing them the love.

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