12.10.2020 09:38 AM

Free the two Michaels

Write to them. Support them. Help them.

Michael Kovrig
Beijing No. 1 Detention Centre
501 Dougezhuang County, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Michael Spavor
Dandong Detention Centre
Jingu Village, Zhenxing District
Dandong, Liaoning Province


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Is the Trudeau government working this file simultaneously with both Trump and Biden so that its effectiveness remains seamless once the next administration comes in?

    Is the purported Meng Deal an integral part of a Michael-Michael simultaneous release policy, along with Chinese government compensation for them and their families? If not, not good enough for the Michaels.

    Like I said before, Meng should be out of her two mansions and rotting in a Canadian or American prison cell UNTIL the Two Michaels are released, period.

    So, Prime Minister, tell us what all you geniuses have done on this file to expeditiously get our two men released, pronto?

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    Max says:

    Meanwhile, Justin silently allows Chinese military to conduct winter military training exercises in Petawawa while they hold 2 Canadians illegally in jail for 2 years. Just like Justin has his followers thru thick and thin. Same people writing letters to Michaels will vote Liberal again. WE was sooo yesterday.

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