02.17.2021 09:38 AM

Levant loses. Love it.

This case will be very, very useful for anyone who is sued by bigots – bigots who want to cancel their critics and suppress free speech.


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    Steve T says:

    I’m glad Rebel (and Levant) lost. However, one of the court’s key findings has me curious.

    It seems they are saying that Rebel/Levant failed to show specific tangible harm, as a result of the Al Jazeera statements. If that is the benchmark for our court system, I would think/hope that many or most allegations of racism/sexism/slander should fail. Many of them are very esoteric in nature, and fall back to “hurt feelings”. It seems, in this case, the court gives no gravity to hurt feelings – which is the right approach, in my view.

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    Andy Kaut says:


    I dislike Rebel as much as the next guy, because Levant is pretty terribly annoying. Can a fellow be on one hand punishing others for free speech while attempting to defend his own and that of his friends?

    Oh, right. I remember the word now.

    Hypocrite. That’s right.

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