03.29.2021 02:25 PM

Look at the bright side

After (a) posting this story which (b) says the Trudeau regime screwed up yet again on vaccines and after (c) saying I’ve already gotten the now-apparently-dangerous AZ vaccine, (d) readers are asking me to give them “my stuff.”


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    Arron Banks says:

    I’m wondering what Warren’s opinion on the whole Brian Lilley/Ivana Yelich is (especially regarding Brian’s previous, now deleted, tweets when he’s gone after other reporters for not disclosing similar types of relationships. Every time there’s a Warren column in the Sun (whether it’s on COVID, Trudeau, or the U.S.) there’s always a disclaimer at the end saying Warren was a Chief of Staff to a federal Liberal Health Minister, a Special Assistant to a Prime Minister, or a worker on the 2020 presidential campaign for the Democratic Party (depending on the article). In many of the articles (or in the videos he’s in) Warren does most of these disclosures himself (or you can tell by the posters he has behind him). Thus the reader (or viewer) is left to judge whether those relationships with those various parties either enhances or delegitimizes his opinion. While not an avid follower of Lilley’s, I’ve appreciated his softer tone as a conservative (evident, for instance, on his opinion on the whole “people should wear a poppy fiasco”) or relating his own background as the child of an Irish immigrant when speaking about the topic (or multiculturalism writ large). While Brian is free to (to loosely quote J.K. Rowling) love whomever will have him, I think not having that disclosure of the relationship shows an untrustworthiness of the Sun’s readership and why people continuingly do not trust the media.

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      Warren says:

      Nope. The disclosure in such cases gets made to one’s employers, who then look at the writer’s submissions and determines whether a conflict is at play.

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    Peter Williams says:

    As a society we do not truly understand the risks of living and of dying.

    Our risk perception and our risk tolerance is heavily influenced by the current media feeding frenzy.

    All medical treatments run the risk of side effects, some adverse or even fatal. In my family we watched cancer treatment and experimental osteoporosis treatment side effects. The side effects were at times brutal.

    My own medication has some unpleasant side effects. Reading up on the medication I discovered that a few people have died from taking the medication. Alarming? Should I stop taking it? But if I don’t take it, I will die.

    I used to work in the oil industry. The two most dangerous aspects of my job? Please take a guess good reader.

    Driving to the wellsite and flying in helicopters were the riskiest part of my job. Yet I did both quite happily.

    How do the death and injury stats from driving in a car compare to the death and injury stats from a COVID vaccine? I’ll bet 99.9% of the media, politicians, and the public couldn’t say. Yet every day we quite happily drive or ride in a car.

    In my opinion, the media and the so-called experts the media interviews do a poor, if not misleading, job of portraying risks and trade-offs.

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