05.02.2021 11:46 AM

This week’s Sparky: [REDACTED]


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    irreversible road map to freedom says:

    I remember my local Liberal Candidate’s team being really mad about a parody account on Twitter. It was cute, funny and not the least bit offensive. Somehow their lawyers got it shut down.

    It was at this moment I was certain that the Liberal Party was not being run by adults anymore. Adults can take criticism. They can have a laugh when someone in the public teases them. An adult politician puts silly commentary up on the wall in the campaign office so that everyone can have a chuckle.

    This group has about 6 months to grow up before their lifetime pension kicks in. They wont.

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    Fred J Pertanson says:

    You nailed it!


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    Peter Williams says:

    “The plan is not for us to regulate all of the internet,”. Toronto Liberal MP Julie Dabrusin told the Commons Heritage committee.

    That is probably true. Team Trudeau will only regulate (i.e. censor) the stuff they don’t like.

    What the NDP and The Bloc don’t seem to realize is they too can become victims of Liberal ‘regulation’.

    I’m betting the WE crowd is totally in favour of this legislation. They could get back in business of spending billions of government money without any oversight.

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