06.18.2021 11:06 PM

CP story on today’s court proceeding

Right here.

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    irreversible road map to freedom says:

    OK, so I’ve read the affidavit… Naturally I’m biased towards WK, but MB and team have handed him a gift. Here’s why:

    SLAPPs aren’t what they used to be and WK is cleverly calling them out on it. Bernier’s team has wildly miscalculated. They are trying to play in a legal world that existed about 10 years ago.

    In so doing, they have offered WK a venue to advertise how cool, legitimate and respectable his business is. Daisy’s reputation will be *raised* by this dispute. Batman’s reputation is raised by the Joker’s trouble making etc…

    In every losing lawsuit, there are moments when the losing side, thinking very myopically, probably convince themselves they can win. The three characters on the other side are a perfect foil for Warren’s business… a perfectly constructed axis arrogance and stupidity… whose conduct, now on fully display, is most likely to drive business *towards* Daisy.

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