06.14.2021 10:38 AM

Maxime Bernier spent the night in jail

This is the same Maxime Bernier, by the way, who is suing me for harming his reputation.

“What reputation,” you might ask, and it would be a good question.


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    Robert White says:

    The Crown will make him sign a peace bond, and he will have his security clearance taken away for this arrest. His lawyer will only be able to get the charges lowered to a peace bond which will again necessitate removal of his security clearance to work for government.

    His peace bond will be in effect for the duration of any perceived COVID-19 lockdown policy forward. By his misbehaviour he has lost his freedoms.

    This is a guy that will never see the inside of a legislature from an elected position ever again.

    Mad Max threw his whole political career out for his ego dystonia and narcissistic rage he is suffering under his own actions and failures to succeed in life at anything significant or meaningful.


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    Phil in London says:

    I’d like to think this is the end of Mad Max but I am not sure he goes away quietly. He and Randy Hillier and Derek Sloan all need to be sent packing

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    Peter Seville says:

    Why have the OPP gone so easy on Randy Hillier? Several times, he could have been arrested, charged, and released on bail with conditions. Or am I wrong?

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