, 07.18.2021 06:18 PM

KINSELLACAST 168: Live from the Bovine! With Fine, Mraz & Adler!

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    Martin says:

    First witness here explains how JT and his lackeys, cultists, groupies and fellow travelers in Cabinet attempted to break the law on June 30th by forcing Finance to issue a release that said 208 would not take effect until January 1. Easter wasn’t having it and called a meeting of the Finance committee. JT knew he had been caught and reversed his release and then subsequently we have learned it was not Finance that made the decision, it was JT. Issue is complicated as hell although they did pay a political price when they went after small business a few years ago and maybe they will again. They have said they will amend it so it is a live election issue. Naturally, nothing on the CBC about any of this. Issue is that it is a symptomatic of how they will behave when they get their majority with likely less than 40% of the vote. JT will be a dictator with no checks and balances.


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