, 07.06.2021 11:44 AM

My latest: Trudeau will win – because of us

Is Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party going to win the coming election?

Yes, probably. But not because of him, really. He’s likely going to win because of us.

Yes, us. Ten reasons.

1. Midstream horses. The pandemic has been the most disruptive event of our lifetimes — politically, economically, culturally, personally. During a crisis of this magnitude, nobody likes to change horses midstream.

2. Incumbency matters. When you have power, you have the edge: The media pay more attention to you; you have money to spend; you make consequential decisions. Your challengers have none of that. Incumbents always have the upper hand. That’s particularly the case since COVID hit.

3. Scandals are irrelevant. Justin Trudeau has had more scandals than any prime minister in more than a generation. But it doesn’t matter. The media and political people squawk about scandals too often, so the public tune it out. Until you are led away in an orange pants suit and handcuffs, they just don’t care.

4. Editorials are irrelevant. We in the media can write editorial endorsements until the cows come home. But what we want voters to do doesn’t matter — plenty of studies show that voters are not swayed by editorials. At all.

5. Voters are their own editors.People receive most of their political information from social media. That gives them the ability to choose what and when they want to see and read. And they tend to only follow sources who correspond to their own biases and opinions.

6. Low information. We live in an era of low-information voters: They are too busy with trying to make a living, raise their kids, and pay the bills. They don’t have time to worry about what the media and politicians worry about. They just need to know the basics. Trudeau gives them that.

7. Hope trumps fear. After the pandemic, after what we’ve gone through, people don’t want to hear any more bad news. They only want to hear good news. Trudeau is exceptionally good about focusing on the positive and ignoring the negative.

8. Ideas count. Voters don’t want to hear why the other guy is bad. They want to hear what you will do, and when you will do it. During the pandemic, Trudeau has been using the public service to come up with ideas. His Conservative opponents have come up with none.

9. Optics matter. Did you know that Erin O’Toole is actually younger than Justin Trudeau? I’ll bet you didn’t know that. How you look and sound on a voter’s TV or computer screen matters more than what you say. That’s depressing, but it’s reality.

10. People are happier than they were. The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, people are increasingly getting their second dose of vaccine. They feel pretty good. And Justin Trudeau knows it.

As depressing as it may be, Trudeau is likely to win again.

And we are the reason. Not him.

— Warren Kinsella was special assistant to Jean Chretien


  1. A. Voter says:

    11. Voters tend to vote for different parties at the provincial and federal levels. Number 8 is the most important though. As much as some of us are irritated by Trudeau, we have to face the fact that if the opposition parties were intelligent, capable people they would have replaced Trudeau with a pandemic coalition government back when he said cancelling international flights was “racist”.

  2. Phil in London says:

    I am totally convinced he will win until he decides not to run. The article sums it all up especially with regard to our indifference to scandal. We are not a very intelligent electorate but we aren’t so stupid that we are going to kill ourselves either.

    If there is any change at all it will be in the number of regions that no longer wish to be part of team Canada. No I am not advocating separation I live in Ontario for fucks sake. It’s the beat place in the world.

    However I do think there is real sentiment outside of Ontario to not just talk about a better deal but to push it at all costs. I am glad I don’t live on the East Coast where our political lives involve the appeasement of Quebec. To me something has to change to make western province’s desirous of remaining in the dominion.

    Probably the pandemic has bought us some time and weakened some of the leaders who could have pushed a new federation.

    The more I think of it the more I hope he wins the majority, when the last real liberal Prime Minister held majorities he was willing to govern from the middle – Warren you know who I’m talking about. This guy came to power with only one target the conservative party. He has had to pander to every left wing cause and it has worked.

    There is simply no conservative redeemer. There is no Preston Manning there is no Mike Harris or Brian Mulroney or Stephen Harper who wants the job. There are also probably only 100 conservatives in the whole nation that understand the need to broaden the tent.

    So let’s just replace Laurier on the five dollar bill with a portrait of Justin Trudeau in black face. Let’s put a picture of him groping a woman on the 20 and declare him king for life. There is no need to change the portraits on the 50s or 100s because none of us will ever see any of those anymore.

    • Martin says:

      “The more I think of it the more I hope he wins the majority, when the last real liberal Prime Minister held majorities he was willing to govern from the middle – Warren you know who I’m talking about. This guy came to power with only one target the conservative party. He has had to pander to every left wing cause and it has worked.”

      When Rae won in 1990 in Ontario, I said to my gloating, socialist, anarchist friend who was in our running group that he should enjoy it while it lasts because they would screw it up so bad, that would be the last time we hear from the NDP in quite some time. I am not optimistic he will move to the center and he will also screw it up so bad, it should even be clear to his blind foolish cultists.

  3. irreversable road map to freedom says:

    I agree. He probably will win. And for that Canadian voters will be properly punished with four more years of unparalleled corruption, sexism, racism, aimless never ending deficits and joblessness. Canadians will receive the misery they richly deserve.

  4. Doug says:

    I would add two more:

    -handouts are popular. The government has shovelled heaps of money on everyone, in many cases more than replacing income lost to the pandemic

    -wide acceptance that debt levels don’t matter. The narrative that low interest rates present endless opportunity to borrow remains unchallenged. A whole generation has never experienced rising interest rates and the havoc they create. Fiscal responsibility has always been core to the Conservative Party’s message. Without an audience for fiscal issues, the main opposition is listless.

    I’m embarrassed to be from a country where someone like Justin Trudeau even exists, let alone achieves any form of leadership. Anywhere else he would be an overaged frat boy. Unfortunately, like the Kardashian clan to the south, he is famous for being famous, nothing more. Too bad he lacks the Kardashians’ marketing acumen, media savvy and work ethic.

  5. The Doctor says:

    Re Low Information, I agree and sadly that was actually one of the things about the old 3 TV Channel universe that was good. In a way, certain people were “forced” (through lack of choice) to watch a nightly TV newscast that was fairly credible, professional and contained actual facts relating to matters of public policy.

    It was a nightly ritual in many US households in the 60s and 70s to tune into the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, the Most Trusted Man in America. Similarly in Canada, it was a nightly ritual in many Canadian households to watch the CTV National News or CBC’s The National. People actually learned about public policy. Nowadays, many people never watch a TV newscast, and what they consume on the internet is often bullshit, partisan crap or mindless memes.

    Not everything about the internet age is bad, but in this respect the internet age (and its evil spawn, social media) is a massive fail.

  6. Arron Banks says:

    “Optics matter. Did you know that Erin O’Toole is actually younger than Justin Trudeau? I’ll bet you didn’t know that. How you look and sound on a voter’s TV or computer screen matters more than what you say. That’s depressing, but it’s reality.”

    Yep couldn’t agree more. Just this can “tell” people a lot about your positions without actually having to say anything, people just assume them (whether they are correct or not). Had MacKay won, you could bet that pictures of his family (his Iranian-Canadian wife and their children) would have featured prominently in campaign materials signalling he “gets” a modern, changing, more diverse Canada. In O’Toole you have a balding, “middle-aged” white guy” that automatically gives him an extra hurdle to jump over to convince some Canadians that he stands with them on the environment and social issues. Even hailing from a diverse Toronto-area riding with a high visible minority population would have helped him (in much the same way that it has helped Trudeau). Rona Ambrose should’ve touched up on her French and ran for leader. As a double major in women’s and environmental studies and a born, raised (and key point) current resident of Alberta (why Freeland and Carney’s claims of being from their home province fall flat) she could’ve seriously challenged Trudeau optically without ever having to say a thing.

  7. Ken Newman says:

    Point 3. Scandals are irrelevant.

    This only applies if you are a Liberal. If you are a Conservative, there does not have to be a scandal as the media will make one up (Mike Duffy). Trudeau is the most scandal ridden PM in our countries history, and nothing seems to stick to this incompetent fool.

    It is a sad day to see people voting for the clown, he needs to get punted instead

  8. Hank Smythe says:

    Yep, sadly you are right.
    BTW can you unblock my acct on twitter “@HSmythe10”?

  9. Robert White says:

    Trudeau Liberals may have bought nearly every Canadian off this electoral round, but wait until Canadians realize that they are parachuting in multi-millionaire ex-Goldman Sachs partner Dr. Mark Carney who is going to be hauling wood for the Liberals on their Climate Change deflationary tax regime that will green the economy into wholesale bankruptcy & market decoupling.

    When Canadians suddenly realize they are being hoodwinked by the Great Vampire Squid alumni who never worked a day in politics in his life they will no longer be enamoured with Prime Minister twinkle socks or his so-called small l liberals and their pseudoscientific decarbonization plans.

    And when the writ is signed I’m no longer going to support the Liberals given their rapacious greed via asset inflation and their newly proposed deflationary carbon taxation planning which will only suffice to bankrupt every Mom & Pop small business owner.


  10. Campbell says:

    The commenters in here should listen to themselves, and to Warren. You are as much the reason why Trudeau will win as those who will vote for the LPC.

    The contempt expressed here for the plurality of Canadians and what that plurality wants is a major factor that aids in the alienation between the other two major parties and the voters they need to convince. We recently witnesses this to our south, in how the “left”‘s contemptuous attitude for people who supported some of what Trump was saying created a solid voting block of ride-or-die Trump devotees. When you view your political opponents and those who would vote for them as idiots, and call them that openly, you solidify support for said opponents. This is not a winning strategy when you’re starting from ten points behind.

    Having said that, everything Warren said here is unequivocally true. Rather than cynically griping about how shitty people are, though, I would advise taking a more strategic approach to using those ten truths to try to persuade others next time around, and use this election as a dry run for the subsequent one, which (unlike this one) isn’t already lost.

  11. Gary says:

    If they win it will be a minority. Trudeau is an almost historically awful campaigner who come across as confused and terrified in his media appearances.

    Remember that the liberals don’t really have a “War Room” like other parties do. They have a loose gang of third-stringers and hangers-on who all got C’s in University and make time kissing Gerry Butts’ arse. Not exactly the ’77 Habs.

    All they have is a pliant, deeply sympathetic media apparatus that will publish what the PMO tells them to publish and nothing else. That is what won them the last two elections and that is what will win them this one.

    • Douglas W says:

      Gary, strongly disagree:

      JT does retail politics like no one else in this country in quite a while.

      Libs war room won the 2019 vote because they shaped the ballot box question to capture the swing ridings.

  12. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    With respect, nope. More people have had enough of the poseur Prime Minister than the opposite. Continually stomaching him is no longer possible. This PM amounts to political constipation and plenty of the masses have already had quite enough.

    It’s O’Toole’s election to lose. Kick phoney baloney to the curb and be quick about it. Thank you, voters.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:

      Meanwhile, Léger = Liberals +3.


    • david says:

      Don’t be silly. Ivanka thinks Justin is hot and that carries more weight than a thousand of your trope filled rants.
      A lady friend suggested I write that and I always do what she who must be obeyed tells me.

  13. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Simon…excellent GG choice.

    IMHO, the writ gets dropped no later than next Monday and probably before.

  14. PJH says:

    Test…..Spot on analysis, Mr. Kinsella….

  15. Phil in London says:

    I doubt it will happen but would be funny as hell if another indigenous woman said no to Trudeau, this time when he requests dissolution of parliament.

    • Phil,

      Yeah, that one is pretty solidly settled with King-Byng. Remember when Jean left Harper cooling his heels for about two hours? Even with that, she could come up with absolutely nothing that would cut the mustard in her “favour”.

      • irreversible road map to freedom says:

        King-Byng?!?! I love the reference but this situation is not even close to a King-Byng or even a Harper-Jean situation.

  16. Gary S says:

    I parted ways with the Conservatives when they were hijacked by the Reformers and the evolution of hyperpartisan cranks over the following years. The Conservatives have not got my vote since and won’t get it in the future if they continue on the current path.

    • I left in 2010 but I’m back now. My original plan was to remain an inactive Liberal given my disgust with the way Trudeau has run this government. But when the PMO meddled in the personal and professional relationships of a private citizen it became go for the throat time, politically speaking — and that’s what I did. As soon as I heard about those slimebucket tactics, I was on my phone at midnight renewing my long-lapsed CPC membership. In other words, I won’t let up until they are defeated decisively or I drop dead, whichever comes first. They CAN count on me.

      • PJH says:

        ReadyAyeReady…..I’m an “out” Conservative this go round, and I dont care who knows about it. I have a cheque in hand, and hopefully can help out my local Con MP’s campaign…..anything to prevent that bastid from forming a majority gov’t……Strength and honour!…..

        • Gary says:


          Remember – we are fighting for Canada against the anti-Canada. Think of the Trudeau Libs in terms of the Huns or the Vikings, only as an enemy within rather than from abroad.

          • PJH says:

            Agreed…..I’m a fan of minority parliaments….it keeps everyone on their toes, Opposition included…and it puts JT on a much shorter leash. I fear what will happen to Canada, nay, future generations of Canadians, if he is given “carte blanche” with a majority gov’t…

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            It’s as simple as Bonjour: without accommodating the legitimate grievances and views of The West and particularly Alberta, ALONG WITH THOSE OF Quebec, then this country is doomed with Quebec leaving first and then Alberta second. QC & AB both need at least 75% of their respective grievances addressed and settled favourably otherwise Canada is no more. Both of them need a WIN-WIN: neither AB or QC can win at the expense of the other otherwise it won’t wash and this federation will be finished.

    • Pedant says:

      If you’re looking for a Conservative Party that is a clone of the Liberals (and that seems to be the standard view of those with your whiny complaint) then you might as well buy a Liberal Party membership.

      I don’t see the point in having two main parties that are ideologically and philosophically identical.

      Interesting how you think hyperpartisan cranks are only problematic on one side.

      • Pedant,

        Canadians are various shades of grey types: to brush too broadly, most accept hues of liberalism and hues of conservatism. Where the train gets off the track is when the left or the right goes too far to their side for a prospective 60-70% of voters. Like you, I have no problem with the CPC being right-of-centre. But they should not move into waters that will more than likely cost them government and play right into the hands of this despicable government. When we do that, we’re doing Trudeau’s re-election work for him.

        Now if voters want policies like the PPC has, then fine but those people better not expect to be politically relevant or present in Parliament because that’s too off the reservation for a plurality of Canadian voters.

  17. Mesley retires from CBC. She did the right thing. My God, how I had to change and really think things through before opening my big mouth. In my book, this issue has absolutely nothing to do with political correctness — rather it’s about fundamental decency. Is it ever easy to slip and be thoughtless, not to mention heartless. Fortunately, human beings evolve and become wiser and less egocentric. That certainly happened in my case.

  18. Peter Williams says:

    Clean drinking water is still a problem for many First Nations, and the actor is in a photo op looking concerned.


    Meanwhile work on the PMs summer home at Harrington Lake continues.

    I wonder if Trudeau has bought any new boats? He bought eight five years ago (with taxpayer money), and it must be time for replacements.

    • Robert White says:

      The Parliamentary precinct is allotted over $5 billion plus variance estimates just for the precinct alone in this latest Federal Budget 2021, but no amount near that is being allotted to First Nations potable water solutions.

      Canada, by the numbers, is engaged in an official programme of genocide of First Nations communities via the comparison of federal budget allocation going to the Parliamentary precinct as opposed to federally governed reserve First Nations communities vis-a-vis infrastructure investments of Canadian taxpayer dollars.

      One would think that Canada’s Parliamentary precinct could forgo their federal budget maintenance dollars for First Nations health standards and livelihoods to be brought in line with national standards, but no, that’s not within reasoning of Canada’s bureaucrats.


      • Ronald O'Dowd says:


        The public service is highly professional and by and large only want to serve their country to the best of their ability. They have big hearts and honorable intentions. But like the PS everywhere they are wholely subject to the whims and dictates of their political masters. They have absolutely no choice and that’s why the Clerk becomes more or less willingly complicit with the politicos. Some Clerks even become advocates for the politicians’ agendas much to their shame and personal discredit.

        • Robert White says:

          My first Sociology professor was Dr. Alex Himelfarb Clerk of the Privy Council, and longtime Liberal adherent. When Dr. Himelfarb had to usher Steven Harper into office I, for one, realized the difference between the office and the Liberal professor. In brief, I understand the bureaucracy, but I don’t understand the Speaker of the House of Commons given that he is fiduciary for the Parliamentary precinct, and as such should be a completely neutral arbiter that is evidence based.

          Clerks of Parliament & House of Commons should be beyond partisanship as fiduciaries & arbiters of the bureaucracy.

          Don’t forget that I was raised by a CA that worked Senior Rulings National Revenue Canada.

          The almighty buck stops with moi.


  19. Martin says:

    And the problem is, and I have always said it, our system is set up so that a PM with a majority IS an actual dictator. No checks and balances. Only the caucus and the more recently elected MPs are mostly fools. In 2016, I told all my USANIAN friends to calm down because there are actual checks and balances down there. The courts, the Congress and elections every two years. Can you imagine what T would have done up here from 2015 to 2019 in JT’s shoes. The usual suspects in the MSM thought it was an outrage that Harper had dictatorship power with only 39.6 per cent of the vote. But he did not use that power to ram through everything all the HDS types thought he would. No PM ever has because, whether you agreed with them or not, they were actually trying to do the right thing. JT is incapable of knowing what that is and his fellow travellers in the media will be fine with that even though he will get well under 40% of the vote.

  20. Martin says:

    Kind of technical but, again, JT is ignoring the will of parliament. This passed and received royal assent but Finance(read PMO) has decided they don’t like it and have put it off until January 1st. It should have been effective with royal assent. Easter voted for this as any farmer would. Reason number 100 why he is getting out of Dodge likely. As I said above, wait until JT is a dictator.


  21. Pedant says:

    Warren, you’re now understanding what many of us in the Chretien era realized about a very large subset of Liberal voters. They’re a bizarre, “off” sort of bunch. Very much like cultish Republicans in the US. The same mix of low intelligence, supreme confidence in their virtue, and an angry exclusionary weird sort of patriotism.

    Btw, JWR just announced her retirement. The Liberal scum are busy dive-bombing her Twitter feed with snarky, insulting comments.

    • Gary says:

      I have never once met a Liberal voter who could pass for a High School graduate. I don’t know where all these “educated liberals” the Gerry Butts Media likes to talk about are hiding.

    • Pedant says:

      For those who wish to read the TruAnon comments:


    • Martin says:

      Exactly what I have been saying. A large portion of his supporters are just T people on the left. They both got elected by the same dynamics. Remember Bannon and Butts were buds.

    • Pedant,

      I hate Nixon’s term: TheSilentMajorityTM but I’ll bet the farm on it in the next election. People are at best pissed off and at worse disgusted with this government and our imperial without a care about what people think prime minister. They will keep it to themselves — until they get in front of a ballot box and then BOOM! this government will be history.

      • PJH says:

        JT will soon be passing out the election largesse….he’s already started by signing an agreement in principle with BC for $10 a day daycare…..”Candies” as his father PET used to call them….Unless Mr. O’toole and Co. can come up with some tasty “tidbits” of our own, we are looking at four more years in Opposition….Personally, I would be offering the electorate the moon on a platter….it will be the only thing that will even allow us to touch JT……conservative principles be damned…The Canadian electorate, especially this current lot, love to be bought with their own money……It has ever been thus….

        • PhilinLondon says:

          PJH we share three initials and I think you make a good point but the Conservative party only need to a centrist option with some integrity. The left ward tilt of all other parties (sorry Max Bernier and Greens I said parties not wannabe parties) is such that the right has no option but to be satisfied with the middle.

          I do disagree about a minority unless you are referring to a conservative minority. That’s where opposition can make government listen. Any other minority (only one is realistic with liberals) is a majority for the left.

          Conservatives a tad late to change your name but put together a coherent centrist platform and tell your social and right wings to STFU or leave. It is the only hope for change and that ain’t much but….Baby steps….. win a minority or even two or three and show you can govern and people will quit looking at the liberals as the only option.

          The shades of grey can work when all the others are shades of bright socialism red

          • Ronald O'Dowd says:


            Remember when Pablo outclassed the Conservatives in the Environment Committee and rammed through a resolution on the environment and guess what, Harper just yawned and ignored it entirely. So much for minority governments. They are basically only good for bring on either majority governments or throwing the bums out.

      • Pedant says:

        So long as Quebec and Atlantic Canada are grossly and unfairly overrepresented in the House of Commons, it will be a hard slog.

        • Ronald O'Dowd says:


          Of course it’s unfair and true but even doing it right ends in a wash. Why? Because the formula is quite deliberately not real-time pop based SO AB gets shafted with less seats than they should get while ON gets more seats then they should legitimately get…in each HOC seat redistribution. The fix is always already in.

  22. Roger Clarke says:

    Gee, I wonder if Preston Manning could come to the aid of Canadians, again?

    • Roger,

      Preston Manning has already done more than his duty for his country and we aren’t on the same plain philosophically. I imagine the last thing he wants is to suddenly find himself enmeshed with the bozos in Ottawa. He got out of there alive, with his sanity still intact. Ditto for Clark, Mulroney, Chrétien, Martin and Harper. They all dodged the insanity bullet.

    • PJH says:

      Please, no….His party ripped mine asunder, and we’ve been paying the price for it ever since. I will pay Mr. Manning tribute for his drawing attention to the debt and deficit, something that Mr. Mulroney did not want to seem to address, but M. Chretien and and Mr. Martin, to their credit, did.

  23. Gilbert says:


    I hope you’re right about the silent majority. I thought Andrew Scheer would win the last election, but he didn’t do well in Ontario or Quebec.

    • Robert White says:

      Ronald is not right this time as Warren already told us Trudeau was going to win again because of us.

      Ronald is dreaming in Technicolor if he thinks there is a silent majority of organized voters. Warren knows better than that, and so do I.

      Trudeau will win again, but not via my vote.


    • The Doctor says:

      Scheer was utterly talentless as a politician. And I have met pairs of brown socks that have more charisma than that guy.

      Yet another example of Tories starting off an election campaign with one arm tied behind their back.

    • Gilbert,

      I am in no way a social conservative but I respect them and their views. What they don’t seem to clue in to is that social conservatism in power in Canada is like Social Credit trying to form a government in Ottawa. It was never on, it ain’t on now and it never will be on. Scheer was a likeable and decent fellow but as a social conservative, he was almost doomed before he started. Sure, the CPC got more votes but East of the Lakehead, we can basically forget it.

  24. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Justin Trudeau Parody Below:

    Hi, my name is Justin Trudeau and I’m your Prime Minister! I’ve very good at smiling a lot, being woke, putting myself before the spotlight (always my highest priority) and also like to buy people off with taxpayer’s money. I like to pretend that I listen to people’s concerns and actually care what you think — when in reality I only care what I think.

    So, my electoral strategy is to play all of you for saps: you know, pretend that I’m really working in your interests but nah, in reality I feel that people are gullible enough to fall for my act and vote solely based on how much of someone else’s money I throw at them. Yeah, just buy them all off and make phoney 9th innings gestures like choosing an aboriginal GG while not ever meeting my full-funding and timetable commitments on mercury poisoning, clean water, first-rate housing and of course, the biggie: First Nations Self-Government.

    Ha, ha, ha, I can play the lot of you: come on, give me my majority back. After all, I’ve already earned it just by allowing all of you to have the honour of having me as your Prime Minister.

  25. Douglas W says:

    So how do you beat Justin and the Libs?

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      The OLO and their war room must already have a comprehensive plan just like Harper had in 2006. Now we will see if they truly shine as political strategists. When the rubber hits the road it will take two things to win a majority: Erin’s personal force of character and personality — in other words, only O’Toole can win this thing for the CPC and secondarily, the political strategy will have to be up to the task just like it was in 2006. It’s only in 2010 that disaster struck for the party when Harper became by default the sole strategist and we all know how good his political strategy was in that election…no wonder he had the decency to blame solely himself for the loss. Harper to his credit, got that EXACTLY right.

  26. PJH says:

    Mr. O’Dowd……I dont want to be accused of “ye o’ little faith”, but where do you get the notion that a groundswell of electorate is going to rise up in righteous anger to throw the bums out?…It would take a flawless campaign by Mr. O’toole & Co, a disastrous campaign by the Libs, a “You had an option, Sir!” moment in the debates, and a gag order on socon Con MP’s. None of this is going to come to pass….be happy if we hold JT to another minority. Campaigns matter…..but throwing JT out will take a miracle akin to the virgin birth….and I suspect Mr. O’toole will be calling for a leadership convention on election night…..

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Lightning can strike twice in the same place. It’s statistically unlikely but still possible. Only two people here in 2015 said Trudeau would win a majority. I was one of them and I said it first. Am I full of shit this time? We’ll see. I have confidence in Erin and his giving 1000% percent to win the next election. I hope that Erin’s future footprints will encourage you and others going forward. O’Toole MUST TURN IT into his moment where he meets his political destiny.

  27. Walter says:

    For 15 years media was touting Justin Trudeau as the greatest potential Prime Minister in Canadian History. The media had already fully brainwashed Canadians and when the facts proved the opposite, minds couldn’t be changed.
    Mark Twain said; “It is easier to fool someone than to convince them they had been fooled”..

  28. Rev Dr. Vladimir Tobin says:

    If Trudeau wins this election, he will totally destroy our “True North strong and free.” Get ready to say goodbye to democracy, freedom, and prosperity Learn to live with outrageous prices for food and necessities, tyrannical orders coming from the mouth of Justin Trudeau, an influx of terrorists, individuals who will purposely destroy our country, Communism modelled on that of China, the end of our traditions, the destruction of our religions – with the exception of one. Say goodbye to Canada, and watch our Canadian way of life turned into a living Hell.I hope and pray that Trudeau will someday reap the reward of his actions. This man is a total traitor to Canada and deserves to be cast down into the deepest level of Hell.

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