, 08.17.2021 10:15 AM

My latest: no one wants this election

It’s unnecessary. It’s unwanted.

And it’s been imposed on us by a Prime Minister who is unfit.

Because, make no mistake: Unfit he is. Untrustworthy and unethical, too.

He swore he was a “feminist” while neglecting to mention to other Liberals that he’d groped a woman in BC. He pledged to fight racism when he’d remained silent about video evidence that he’d worn racist blackface multiple times.

He insisted he’d be scandal-free and then he became the first sitting Prime Minister to be found guilty of violating federal statutes. Oh, and his myriad other promises, like balancing the budget or getting clean water to Indigenous people?

Those were all untruths, too.

He’s the UnPrime Minister. And this will be the UnElection.

Because we don’t want an election now. We don’t need an election now.

Vast swaths of the country have been literally on fire. Thousands have been forced out of their homes, or — like my brother and his family in rural B.C. — they are waiting for the order to evacuate.

The situation has gotten bad enough that people in Nova Scotia have smelled smoke — smoke that has wafted East from far-away BC.

And the virus, the cruel, unkillable virus. It’s surging again, pretty much everywhere. And Canadians are getting sick again — and some are dying from it.

In the past week alone, due to the Delta variant, Covid infections have exploded by 60% across Canada. That’s the worst it has been in months.

As former Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould put it on Twitter, it’s the “#DeltaElection.”

In Afghanistan, the people who helped saved Canadian lives when we had troops there desperately need our help – but Justin Trudeau is doing less than zero.  And his Foreign Affairs minister is refusing to rule out recognizing the Taliban as a legitimate government.

And into this morass Justin Trudeau wants to force an election? Why?

Because he thinks he can win back the majority government he squandered. Because he thinks his opponents aren’t as good as him.

Because of his ego, essentially.

His ego is immense. It is vast. It is without limit. He is known to sit on government jets, reviewing his Instagram photos. Not his briefing books.

And the evidence was right there, for all to see. For months, his vaccine acquisition effort was an unmitigated fiasco.

He tried to do a deal with a hostile foreign power, the Chinese while the Chinese were illegally detaining two innocent Canadian men. And when that vaccine deal predictably fell apart, he hid the evidence from us for months, thereby losing critical time. And Canadian lives.

For months, we lagged far behind our allies in vaccinating citizens. And we are only now near the front of the vaccination pack because of the determination of Canadians themselves, not the feckless, reckless Prime Minister.

His record, his performance, his values all combine to produce one irreducible, irrefutable truth: he is unfit of the high office he has held, improbably, for half a decade. He is unqualified and unfit.

Is he unelectable? Only you, Canadian voters, can answer that question.

Because the unElection has begun.

Kinsella was chairman of the Liberal Party’s war rooms in 1993 and 2000.


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    Peter Williams says:

    Elect Justin so he can give more money to WE. And WE, wink wink, will hire members of Justin’s family and family members of other prominent Liberals.

    With a majority, the new C10 and C36 will eliminate all criticism of our Dear Leader.

    Un-elect Justin and he’ll have to find real employment. He’d actually have to work!

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      Campbell says:

      He definitely wouldn’t have to find “real” employment…

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Yup. “The Will” was supposedly in the amount of 12 million dollars, divided up among the various heirs.

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          Campbell says:

          That, and the fact that work, “real” or not, would find him without him searching, even if he was inclined to keep working.

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            Pedant says:

            Doing what? Modelling socks?

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          Peter Williams says:

          Justin would spend his share of the trust fund in short order.

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    Gary says:

    So what do we do? Vote for Conservative nastiness and parsimony? Vote for the NDP who may not be ready for prime time?
    I don’t know. The first election where I want to yell to hell with all of them.

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      Robert White says:

      I have the same conundrum, but Singh wants to tax wealth so I’m down with that for sure. O’Toole is not the lawyer with the business acumen that Singh has. Singh is also a good orator as opposed to Prime Minister Twinkle-socks Trudeau Feminist-in-Chief is.

      Singh will still hold the Liberals to account especially well if Twinkle-socks Trudeau loses Liberal Party adherents like myself who are running in the direction of the NDP primarily based upon leadership as opposed to profligacy of left-of-center Liberals.

      Rapacious greed of Liberals & Twinkle-socks Trudeau backpeddling on taxing the rich is going to cost momentum for the Liberals to swing back to the NDP.

      Lastly, if I remained a Twinkle-socks Trudeau supporter I would not get a chance to see a wealth tax as Liberals only want to tax income because they all know the Rentier Income game that Professor Michael Hudson articulated in myriad peer-reviewed journals.

      There are two lawyers and one Drama teacher to vote for. One of the lawyers is not willing to tax wealth and the other is.

      As an orthodox Grumpy Marxist leftie I, for one, am going with the Marxist lawyer instead of the fake Capitalist one.


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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Have you ever met Wolff? (Sorry, an aside. LOL.)

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        Peter Williams says:

        Singh will hold the Liberals accountable?

        In a minority Parliament what did Singh do? What did he get from Trudeau? Nothing. Trudeau did a great job of playing Singh.

        In committees it was very disappointing to see how often the NDP aided the Liberals in shutting down investigations.

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          Robert White says:

          Okay, you’re right. Singh didn’t actually do much to hold Trudeau to account, I now agree.

          I’m a sucker for any politician that claims they will do the
          right thing and tax wealth.

          Trudeau suckered me with his Marxian rhetoric, but after reading The WAR Room for this many months I can’t stomach being a Liberal anymore so my vote will go to Singh because he claims he would tax wealth if he was PM.

          I know Singh is not likely to get that many more seats, but I’d rather vote for the lawyer with the tactical advantage of being at least oriented towards conflict with the wealthy elite via taxation planning.

          I was raised by the Tax Man, eh. My dad was a CA in Senior Rulings National Revenue Canada. Singh wants to tax the rich, and Trudeau is a rich trust fund Drama teacher with almost $400k per year salary.

          I live on fixed income.

          NDP gets my vote, but I’m still an independent vis-a-vis political parties. As far as I’m concerned Singh is the only intelligent professional on the list.


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    Gilbert says:

    The win for the Progressive Conservatives in Nova Scotia must make the Liberals nervous. It shows that governments can lose during a pandemic. The Willy Wonka ad sums it up really nicely: the PM is a self-centred, spoiled brat who wants a majority at all costs.

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      Peter Williams says:

      The Liberals are not nervous. The mail in ballots will go predominantly Liberal.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Well, well, so it’s the PCs who win in Nova Scotia. First time that an incumbent COVID-19 government goes down. It looks like it’s headed for a PC majority.

    Interesting, to say the least, most especially the NDP gains.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Apparently, most if not all of the polls were a complete fiasco. Totally wrong. Will lightning strike twice, again on you know who’s birthday? Warren will have an idea on who you know who is. LOL. Sorry, it was just too good an opp to pass up.

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    Ted Tester says:

    Great Independent article. Definitely, not

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    William says:

    I was just wondering how many tree’s he’s planted since the last election where it amounted to “Zero”.

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