08.29.2021 01:55 PM

This week’s Sparky: everything’s fine


  1. Sean says:

    The Justin protests this weekend are the one of the weirdest campaign spectacles of all time.

    These people are protesting against a guy who has no hope or intention of ever enforcing any vaccine rules. He can’t even get his own candidates to vaccinate.

    If you are against vaccines, there is no practical reason to vote against Justin. Justin is indeed your best bet at never having serious vaccine rules in Canada. He will never achieve any consistency on that issue. Indeed if you are against vaccines, you should vote FOR him, not against him.

    Protesters: maybe you didn’t notice, but the whole point of Justin’s speech was (as usual) to announce silly ideas for the environment which everyone knows have absolutely no prospect of ever being achieved. Why would you protest against a guy who never gets anything done? It makes no damn sense.

    Another ridiculous thing is that the protesters have made it appear as if Justin is strongly in favor of enforcing vaccine rules. He is not. He will never be capable of doing that. But the protesters have made it *look like he is* – thus making him more popular with the majority of Canadians who want harder vaccine rules. The protests are making Justin look 10X more tough / serious on an issue where he is actually very weak. They are driving votes into his box that he doesn’t deserve… The protesters are achieving the exact opposite of what they set out to do.

    Lastly – Liberal surrogates like Scott Reid (of beer and popcorn fame) are using this to attack O’Toole. He blatantly implied that O’Toole was behind the protests on TV the other day. The protests are therefore breathing life into a dying Liberal campaign. Not what you want to do protesters!

    They should stop and GTF home before they tip things back into Justin’s favor.

  2. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Nanos: Conservatives +2

  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    EKOS: Conservatives +8

  4. Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Can numbers like this really hold for another three weeks? Only God knows that answer. I’m starting to get rattled and nervous about the win. What the hell is really going on here?

    • Sean says:

      I think the spread will only grow over the next few weeks. The core of JT’s support is a mile wide and half a millimeter deep. They might make a strident argument about keeping O’Toole to a minority but that’s about all it will amount too IMO.

  5. EKOS: Conservatives +8

    Angus Reid: Conservatives +3

    Mainstreet: Conservatives +9

    Nanos: Conservatives +2

  6. Phil in London says:

    Couple of just released polls Nanos and Research Co. appear to be suggesting the tight horse race has shifted red. Just saying that this thing is far from predictable one way or another.

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