, 09.06.2021 11:38 AM

KINSELLACAST 175: Guns, Grits and Gaffes – with Lilley, Mraz, Kheiriddin


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    Leasa Janssen says:

    Holy! That Mraz guy! I was clutching my pearls and got the vipers. No kidding though, I could feel his utter disappointment in my gut. Well done.

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    John Skelton says:

    Excellent podcast! Thanks. If Justin Trudeau may be compared to a light switch – one which we might turn on or off – he is a faulty one. Try as we do to switch off the light, it keeps flickering. It just won’t click to black. Voters are pretty sure that there is likely a short circuit behind the walls – a short that has the real potential to burn the house down – yet we don’t seem to want to fix it once and for all. We let the light continue to flicker and sparks to crackle behind the wall: like Trudeau, even as the faulty light switch deprives us of our peace, our sleep, and it is driving us all mad, we don’t want to let the repair man into the house.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      I think turnout will be quite low and the reason I think this is because compared to previous elections, no one on Facebook is talking about the election at all. Hmmm. They’re talking in general about using sticks now that carrots have failed with the unvaxxed, and they’re talking about Atwoodian Texas, but not Canadian politics per se. Maybe starting after Labour Day this will change but in the previous elections that have occurred since the advent of Facebook there were exponentially more posts earlier during campaigns.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I’m sticking with my prediction that 40% of Liberals will give Trudeau a lesson and not bother to show up to vote.

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    JM says:

    Mraz here. I would like to thank y’all who’ve written for your support and love. Some funny jokes as well, laughter being of course the best medicine. This too shall pass. And my son and my baby-mama’s unconditional love will heal the wound. In any event, the perps are having a worse day than I am. I sure of it.

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    Darcy Wallace says:

    I always really enjoy listening to you on this podcast Johnny Mraz. If you’re down one close friend then I among others would be happy to apply for the vacant position.

    But whatever you do, don’t react to this still stinging setback by becoming that guy from Toronto who wears a fedora. John it’s gateway headwear. I don’t care what anybody tells you.

    Hang in there Slugger!

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