09.27.2021 02:45 PM

Our latest Sun Media hit: the Chinese Communist People-Kidnappers Party


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    Steve T says:

    Yep, and yet we had some political candidates during the election claiming that it was “racist” to pinpoint China as a global problem.

    This is where the Woke World gets us. Nothing substantive can be discussed, lest it potentially offend someone.

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    Dave says:


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    JH says:

    Trudeau Liberals, especially the PM, Garneau, Champagne before him, delayed and obfuscated for months about rescuing the Michaels.
    It all stemmed from PET and Trudeau family’s love for and kowtowing to the Chicoms, aided and abetted by their Laurentian Elite pals, who will always sell Canada out for money and power.
    This will be a black mark on the Trudeau administration and Liberal Party that will long remain. It will go down in history as Canada’s shame, thanks to them

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Man, they’re already so past a mere black mark. It’s been at least a black tableau for so long now and yet somehow they were returned…and not in a good way for Canada.

      Go figure.

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    JH says:

    Major cities are full of woke, low -info star-fkers and parade chasers, many of whom belong to the wannabe a himbo/bimbo Trudeau Cultist clique. They no more care or think about the good of the country then Trudeau himself does. This is all about flash & trash, just like the elitist coterie around him, that manipulates & bribes them so easily with their own money. The solid middle class out-voted them, but sadly the system was stacked against us, by the LPC who realized in 2017 any change to it would send them back to their trash heap.
    -End of Rant

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