10.10.2021 06:56 PM

I love my yellow Beetle

I do.


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    Robert White says:

    VW Bugs are cool.

    I’m not surprised to see you too love your Bug.

    I’m a vintage car buff and VW Bugs & vans are highly sought after collector vehicles.

    Check out BarnFinds.com sometime and you’ll see the gamit of collector cars/trucks et cetera.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Warren.

    Cheers, Robert

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    Fred J Pertanson says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, Warren.

    My bug was an experience. It would do the speed limit on the highway if you waited for it to get up to the limit, but it took a while. If you slammed on the brakes at 60 MPH they would fade before the car stopped, made for a few heart attack moments.

    Heat? What heat? Even with the gas heater, it worked until the running boards rotted out then no heat came to the front of the car. Of course, the gas heater failed before the running boards dissolved, lol. Put those plastic oval stickers on the side and back windows so I could at least see a bit during winter. Plus had a hand scraper for the front windshield, which was absolutely mandatory.

    My buddy had a semi-automatic one which was even cooler! No clutch pedal but a shifter.

    I loved my beetle too.


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    PJH says:

    My Mom and Dad bought a second hand Beetle in the sixties for Dad to use as an inexpensive commuter car….It never failed him, and he supplemented the gas heater with a jerry rigged electrical heater wired into who knows where….We kids loved it, and I think the record for cramming adults and kids into the Bug to go to the beach was eight….with me and my two best buds sitting in what we called ‘the doggie seat” in the rear…Safety regs?….what safety regs??….My parent had such good luck with it, they thought theyd move up to a VW Squareback sedan…which my teenage siblings ran the wheels off ….so ended my parents love affair with VW’s….but it was fun while it lasted….

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    Dave says:

    I love my 1979 GMC Sierra square body (305) bare bones.

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