, 10.24.2021 04:24 PM

KINSELLACAST 182: Belanger, Mills, Mraz on vaccines and vacuousness – plus Wet Leg, Lucy Dacus and Big Thief


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    Sean says:

    5.00 – the flags are only at half mast to bait people into suggesting that they should not be. It can then be subtly implied by TRU-ANON that anyone who disagrees with them is racist. Nothing more than that.

    12.50 Exactly right. O’Toole’s position is way too complicated. Joe and Jane Front Porch want to know who is *for* and who is *against* Vaccines and that’s it. They don’t have the patience for Constitutional debates and the powers of the BOIE.

    15.35 BINGO! I’ve been telling everyone the exact same thing for the last few months.

    21.50 – also it is settled law re. mandatory flu – vaccines in the workplace.

    26.00 Bang on. There is no Liberal Party. Justin is the leader of a pile of ashes.

    28.15 – love it… “the good old days when we had serious leadership”

    31.30 – but in fairness – O’Toole’s policy is so absurdly complicated that no one will remember it by the time the next campaign rolls around.

    33.18 – excellent way to put it re. O’Toole’s vaccine position.

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    Peter Williams says:

    The big thief. Is that Trudeau?

    They’re at it again:

    Justin’s mother spoke at an Elevate event. No one will say how much she was paid.

    Elevate says it’s mission is “to unite Canada’s innovators to solve society’s greatest challenges.”

    Perhaps she’ll tell them how to get money out of the Trudeau government? Or how to survive with all the construction dust and noise at Harrington Lake?

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