, 11.14.2021 10:07 AM

KINSELLACAST 185: Mraz, Mills, Belanger and me on political losers – plus SFH EDM!


  1. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Most of the time, I get a good laugh when we identify and ridicule those who happen to be serial political losers. But not all the time: take Biden for example who’s now at 41% in one poll…

    Biden and his administration are stuck on spreading the big economic lie that inflation is part and parcel with COVID-19 and that The Bill Back Better Act, if passed, will have a major effect on reducing inflation. Bullshit, period.

    Inflation is primarily caused by The Federal Reserve’s ongoing digital money printing — increasing the money supply to this extent is MASSIVELY inflationary. And what is the genius president planning next? In short, to likely replace a failed Fed head, Jerome Powell with an even more dovish fool, Lael Brainard, who’ll increase the money supply even more. If it happens, and it probably will, that will mean more inflation and far more price increases. So, 2022, an off-election year where the incumbent party almost always loses seats in Congress, is likely to lose one hell of a lot more next year. Thanks Joe, for putting Democratic control in peril.

  2. Winnipeg Hard Core circa 1980 says:

    What is the artist and song title of the last track?

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