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My latest: the unappealing truth about Trudeau

How can you tell that Justin Trudeau is lying to you?

We know, we know: when his lips are moving. Old joke.

But there’s a more recent example of Trudeaupian dishonesty — one that took place in real time, in real life. And, even coming from the sophists who make up Trudeau’s cabal, it was pretty shocking.

On Friday night — not during the day, but “Friday night,” as CBC News , no less, reported — word came that the Trudeau government had quietly filed what is called a Notice of Appeal. It read as follows:

“Canada acknowledges the finding of systemic discrimination and does not oppose the general principle that compensation to First Nations individuals who experienced pain and suffering as a result of government misconduct should be provided.

“Awarding compensation to individuals in the manner ordered by the Tribunal, however, was inconsistent with the nature of the complaint, the evidence, past jurisprudence, and the Canadian Human Rights Act.”

There’s a fair bit of legalese, there. What’s it about?

Well, it’s about a 2019 decision by the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, ordering Ottawa to compensate Indigenous children for denying them government services.

What’s it mean? It means the Government of Canada wants to overturn the tribunal’s decision. Period.

But that’s not the impression the Trudeau government wants to give you. Here’s what they want you to think. They issued an official statement and everything.

“Today, the Government of Canada and the parties, the First Nations Child and Family Caring Society and Assembly of First Nations, are announcing that we have agreed to sit down immediately and work towards reaching a global resolution by December 2021 on outstanding issues that have been the subject of litigation.”

Some in the media immediately fell for it, hook, line and sinker. CBC’s Chief Political Correspondent, Rosemary Barton, promptly tweeted this:

“All sides have agreed to a pause in legal action. All parties will continue to negotiate to reach a global settlement. They have until December. The appeal buys all sides time to reach that agreement.”


So, back to the very first question: how can you tell the Trudeau government is lying to you?

Five ways.

• They issued statement late on a Friday. In political parlance, that’s known as “taking out the garbage.“ When you’ve got something bad to say, you say it late on a Friday, when you know fewer people are paying attention. When you are playing fast and loose with the truth, you don’t want anyone paying attention.

• Their lead spokesperson is in Europe. You know: that Justin Trudeau guy. Purely coincidently, we’re sure, Trudeau was literally out of the country, junketing around Europe and thereby being very difficult to reach. He left the appeal revelation to a couple minor Liberal politicians back in Canada on, as noted, a Friday night.

• They pretend settlement discussions are big news — except settlements can happen at any time. Forgive me for being a lawyer and everything, but settlement was possible at any moment before now. You can have settlement discussions before a case begins. You can have settlement discussions when the trial is underway. You can have settlement discussions when a case is before a jury. You can even have settlement discussions after a verdict is reached. Contrary to what Barton tweeted, no settlement discussions were “continuing.“ What was “continuing” was Trudeau’s multi-million-dollar scheming to deny Indigenous children justice.

• They appeal and pretend it’s not an appeal. Because, you know, that’s what the Trudeau government did. They literally researched the appeal. They wrote the appeal. They typed up the appeal. They filed the appeal in the court registry — and even got an official stamp on the front of it. When it looks like an appeal, and is filed as an appeal, it’s an appeal.

• Their lips are moving. Old joke, yes, and repetitive. But it is no less true for that. The Trudeau regime has taken dishonesty to an entirely new realm. In the B.S. Olympics, they are consistent gold medallists. They are without equal.

Because they are lying to you, again. More particularly, they are lying to thousands of Indigenous children who they continue to fight in court.

It all resembles what Donald Trump likes to call “the big lie.”

Because, if you’ve decided to tell one, make it a whopper.

— Kinsella was Jean Chretien’s Special Assistant


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    Sean says:

    Why did Chrystia Freeland refuse questions from non-Canadian journalists? ….because she can’t hand them money just before an election is kicked off. That is what the Liberal Party has become. I’m sure the KGB thinks that’s pretty great.

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    JH says:

    Trudeau would love this, but it will be the death-knell of an already compromised NDP & would just continue LPC absorption of their voter base. No bad thing in my estimation, since the two are the same anyway. Easier to fight the next election with a clear choice between the Alt-Left and the Center-Right.

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    Steve Teller says:

    Rex Murphy has a wonderfully sarcastic and scathing article in today’s National Post, about the ridiculous JT.

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      Andy Kaut says:

      I think he’s my spirit animal, that Rex. My goodness it had me laughing.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    We get the government we deserve and thanks to so many Canadians we certainly have…

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      JH says:

      There was a time when Canadians in general were people of quality and character. Today we are for the most part shallow followers of celebrity, like most of the US. A People Magazine generation has become super market tabloid followers of the likes of the Kardashians & the PM. Trudeau’s Liberal mafia types love this, as they enrich themselves at the expense of flaky worshipers of heroes with feet of clay. Even Justin’s father PET was a cut above that, but sadly the son is more Maggie than Pierre.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Yes, it is indeed a very sad race to the bottom.

        Believe in something and stand for something. Used to be second nature to do that and fight for it.

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    Joseph says:

    Well, you can bet that if they where related to the Khadr family, money would be no object and it would never even have to be a court decision.
    Would it.

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    Douglas W says:

    Zero interest in doing the job; zero interest in leading the country.

    He’s laughing at us, and giving us the finger.

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    Ray says:

    God, I miss Harper.

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    Steve Phillips says:

    The expression “Big Lie” was invented by Adolf Hitler in “Mein Kampf” to describe the use of a lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” Hitler claimed the technique was used by Jews to blame Germany’s loss in World War I on German general Erich Ludendorff.

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