12.29.2021 03:40 PM

Maxime Bernier, we know what you are


  1. Gyor says:

    Even the American constitution does not concider libelous speech speech (libel along with threats of violence are excluded) and the American concept of free speech is far broader then the Canada concept of free speech, because America does not exclude hate speech as long as its not violent, Canada does exclude hate speech .

  2. Sean says:

    I suppose it is over the heads of his supporters that he owes Warren money.

  3. He knows what he can do with his so-called party.

  4. Phil in London says:

    I wonder how much a donation costs the PPC to process? Mad max is asking for $25 donations (way to shoot big)
    I dared not place the order but it appears you can donate $0.25 to the PPC. If it costs them $1.00 to process, a few million people donating might cause some financial hardship. It would be a pleasant way to protest their presence. You could also get federal tax relief.

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