02.17.2022 06:59 PM

Anyone surprised by this hasn’t been paying attention


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    Bill Malcolm says:

    Yup, Japanese research shows the BA2 variant is both even more transmissible and has worse health outcomes than regular Omicron:


    Obviously, it’s time to loosen restrictions! People croaking left and right from regular Omicron, but thats OK. It’s a mild death. No pressure from the armpit scratchers on Public Health, nah. The right knows best. Who needs that thar book larnin’?

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The village idiot could have predicted this future pattern what with, I don’t know, already four spikes in a row post February 2020…translation: universal law states that it’s extremely hard to underestimate the intelligence of the average person and COVID-19 is a case in point.

    In will come BA.2 and they will quite literally, across the globe, be dropping like flies…

    And who to blame? Well, just look in the goddamned mirror.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    And then there’s this: for those of us who believe that COVID-19 originated in nature but was then transformed into hundreds if not thousands of bioweapon variants, then the other shoe to drop very likely will go something like this: a biological precursor used in Ukraine and later Taiwan to soften up military targets and centers of government before the massive waves of troops come rolling in. When you’re too busy gasping for air and enjoying heart abnormalities you tend not to be so hot on the battlefield. Then again, it must be my overly vivid and active imagination.

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    Terence says:

    No. We’re done with Covid didn’t you hear?

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