02.02.2022 10:01 AM

Highly Scientific Poll™️ on O’Toole: vote now, vote often!


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    Phil in London says:

    There is another choice – they could split apart, western team could call themselves something like “Reform” and the eastern half could recycle someone like Joe Clark to clearly show the divide between the renegades and the old party. I wonder if anyone ever tried this? You gotta think it would be useful to see how that works it’s way out.

    They could spend 12-15 years naval gazing before getting back together. At least there is no Quebec faction to leave first.

    Looks like CRAP to me.

    I’m thinking it would be futile and immoral but you’d have a better chance of building a bigger tent with that Nazi gang of Max’s

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    PJH says:

    Doesn’t look good for EOT……I suspect “Poindexter” Poilievre is smiling…..though his dalliance with the “Freedom Convoy” will come back to bite him on the ass….

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