, 02.13.2022 11:59 AM

KINSELLACAST 197: Lilley, Belanger on Canarchy – plus Screeching Weasel, Lillingtons and Huntingtons!


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    Larry Aberle says:

    may not always agree with you but this time you are absolutely correct. (Even when I disagree I can follow your reasoning) Unfortunately the border blockades will ensure the elimination of the auto industry in Canada and much of our manufacturing sector. I am no fan of the protest in Ottawa and no fan of Justin

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    Collin says:

    Trudeau’s inaction compared the the Conservative was a very valid point. Not sure I totally agree that the next election is predetermined. Things happen and there is lots of time for Trudeau to yet again fumble the football. I dropped in on a zoom Toastmasters meeting in the Phillipines, which is a very non political organization. They asked me of the blocking of the Michigan bridge. Our International reputation is in shatters.

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    Doug says:

    I don’t known about the elimination of the auto industry, but the unwillingess of Canada to enforce rule of law doesn’t send welcoming signs to potential investors. Again, I will highlight the relative lack of outrage to Federal inaction on the rail and CGL blockades.

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