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Three sentences about three days


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    Peter Williams says:

    1. Trudeau should have met with the protesters. Or send some ministers to do so.

    2. Many other protests, often involving violence, blockades, setting fires, etc have been allowed to drag on for weeks with no freezing of accounts, and no emergency act.

    3. Political incompetence at all levels of government led to the problems in Ottawa.


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    RKJ says:

    This week, I made my first donation to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. The Emergencies Act, akin to declaring martial law, was an extreme overstep. Many Canadians who donated, legally, to support a grievance initiated by a needless cross border transporter vaccine requirement, were left wondering if their accounts would be frozen. These Canadians will not forget.

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    Gilbert says:

    We can thank the senate for the end of the EMA.

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      western view says:

      Good comments.
      The Senate actually put some effort into parsing some words and asking tough questions to Sen. Gold. The Senate brought the Liberals and NDP to account for creating an emergency and then looking for one to solve. This is what happens when:
      -the leader of a democratic nation trash talks and demonizes a minority group, all the while inflicting economic hardships through vaccine mandates.
      -the minority group express frustration through civil disobedience.
      – the leader of a democratic nation doubles down on the nasty rhetoric and then goes into hiding, leaving front line police officers and civic politicians to handle the mess of his creation.

      This is still Canada, where holding opposing views is allowed. Ironically, the vaccine mandates on travellers or truckers can no longer be supported by a Government dealing in good faith. Time will tell if Justin Trudeau rails on against truckers, or lowers the temperature and through some hard to muster statesmanship lifts the mandates.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        Yup, the fools will lift mandates and surprise, surprise, like on cue — only happened five times already — new cases will spike to the moon thanks to the unvaccinated narcissists…

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          western view says:

          I think a fair assessment of the terrain is that the chances of passing Omicron from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated or the other way around is getting close to even. I’m fully vaccinated, and grateful for the medical breakthroughs that provided me with the opportunity. As for those who choose not to, that’s their choice whatever the consequences. I see no need to live in a bunker, waiting for 100% vaccination rates in the Canadian population.

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    western view says:

    Prime Minister Trudeau might have Canadian polling in his favour for imposing the EMA, but it’s a shallow victory. His dismissive and vindictive attitude toward working Canadians has laid bare a huge chasm between the haves (those working from home or on CERB) and have nots (those working with their hands and backs, struggling to keep the lights on in a pandemic.)

    Trudeau has taken a intellectual shellacking from the international press for his dim witted and come from behind tactics with the truckers blockade. It’s ironic that he has been salvaged from his ruins by Putin, who swept the EMA off the Canadian news cycle overnight.

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      The Doctor says:

      I don’t buy this haves and have nots distinction. I have seen basically zero polling evidence for that.

      I agree with the fact that JT took a hit in the polls. But as the polls also showed, most Canadians strongly disapproved of the convoy’s tactics. And most Canadians were actually perceptive enough to realize that the “resumes” of the leadership were a bit, shall we say, eyebrow-raising. Canadians understandably did have some sympathy for easing restrictions.

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    Robert White says:

    Few people outside of Ottawa actually understand that the citizens of Ottawa were terrorized by the The Wild Bunch of dumb truckers that showed up to start a fight with authority in the form of federal governance.

    Using the poor sot citizens of Ottawa as a proxy to hold hostage to assert some sort of negotiation is not exactly democratic process IMHO.

    The truckers erroneously thought they could intimidate the people of Ottawa into changing the legislation if they menaced the downtown core until more than half of the citizens went completely insane from sleep deprivation over time.

    The Emergencies Act worked like a charm to rid Ottawa of this trucker debacle almost overnight.
    In addition, I wrote to governance and asked them to institute martial law for the downtown core of Ottawa because it was a circus of violence waiting to manifest into civil war.

    People that are critical of the imposition invoked by the federal Liberals have no undersatnding of just how many residents of Ottawa were being terrorized without sleep for days on end. Even pets were terrorized by the ignorant truckers and their collective menacing of entire neighbourhoods.

    The right-wing wants to make an issue of the extreme nature of such a call, but the right-wing was not trying to sleep next to a trasport truck air-horn blowing randomly 24 hours per day.

    If we remove the hyperbolic from the emergency we find a pragmatic reasoned excuse for enacting the Act.

    And I live miles away from the downtown core, but even I was worried for the people being terrorized by the uncaring truckers.

    It’s interesting how truckers bully their way along highways relative to the cars of citizens that travel thos highways too, but to bully an entire city with diesel trucks and their very loud air-horns without let up certainly fits the definition of Psychological Torture through noise that is ongoing without relief 24/7.

    I think the truckers and right-wing ideologues are completely out-to-lunch on what happened in Ottawa.


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      The Doctor says:

      I agree. Although there were legitimate objections to have about certain anti-covid measures, the convoy and their leadership scored a bunch of massive own goals with their tactics (and the nutbar nature of some of the leaders and their demands). It was pretty clear that the leaders and the more zealous followers had a really bad case of too much Facebook.

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    western view says:

    You make a strong distinction that many other commentators/media types can’t get their head around. The convoy, in its infancy gathering steam toward Ottawa, galvanized the thoughts of many hard working Canadians who are fed up with the disrespect being doled out to the working class by politicians on a regular basis. The convoy rolled through my area and attracted a strong show of support from regular people who sent their proxy of disgust through donations, waving and honking, alongside their friends and neighbours.

    It’s too bad that the resumes of the leadership derailed the momentum and provided cover for the Prime Ministers trash talking long before the convoy ever hit Town. The resumes also turned the gaze of the media away from the deeply entrenched discontent all across Canada. (That discontent is still smouldering too).

    In summation, it wasn’t a polished effort and the Ottawa political class must be thanking their lucky stars for that, considering it took three weeks to figure out how to diffuse an amateur hour stunt. Next time around, a person who is a smart organizer and eloquent speaker might surface and it will take more than trash talking to solve.

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