02.19.2022 11:55 AM

Tweeting the end of the Ottawa Occupation


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    PJH says:

    Watching live, I keep hearing loud plaintive cries of “Freeeeedoooom!” from bearded white males…..

    You’d think Mel Gibson was being hung, drawn and quartered on Parliament Hill…..Please…..

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    Gyor says:

    The Freedom Convoy aren’t terrorists, they are heroes fighting for civil liberties. Trudeau and many of the Premiers are tyrants.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Sorry but those that are lawbreakers are in no way heroes. You see Gyor, you and I get to decide who forms government during something called an election. No other way is politically legitimate — nor is quite deliberately trampling on the rule of law. It wasn’t OK with SNC and it certainly isn’t OK now.

      And what about your and my civil liberties, you know, the right each of us have not to catch a COVID-19 variant from an unvaccinated sociopath-narcissist-anti-vax dullard? That gang care not about my civil liberty to life and reasonably good health and happiness.

      So, Ron’s response will always be well FUCK ‘EM. The day that all of them legitimately care about a third party’s health and taking every medical and social response or precaution known to humankind to prevent transmission is the day they’ll get minimal support for me and may I add most Canadians.

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      Sean says:

      They definitely are not terrorists. They are clowns.

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        Mark D says:

        In another life I worked with the circus and knew many professional clowns personally. The circus arts are an entire honourable and highly skilled profession.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    The Ottawa Police Service have my support 1000%.

    As for my party’s leadership, I hope they will show the same level of intensity in speaking of the allegedly negative actions taken by some seemingly violent protesters that many of them did in defending the so-called truckers protest in the first place.

    Otherwise…CPC polling going forward won’t be pretty. Candice, Pierre and the rest of the front bench are quite obviously at least smart enough to immediately recognize that political reality. Keep your eye on the prize, defeating this government in the Commons at the very first opportunity. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is more important than that.

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      Pedant says:

      Mainstreet poll taken Feb 17 shows CPC ahead of the Libs 39 to 31.

      Surely an outlier, but outliers have a way of foreshadowing real movement.

      The CPC strength is driven by young voters 18-34. Other polls have noted a rightward shift in youth as well as much higher levels of support for the convoy’s cause (if not all of their tactics).

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        I hope it’s an outlier. The last thing I want to see is our party turn into some kind of a devil worshipping party like the Republicans have become down south. And they actually think they can become competitive down ballot if they continue to kiss that phoney faker’s ass. On their best day, the Republicans have become a pathetic lying farce.

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    Lorne says:

    I believe the civil liberties lawsuit will show that in hindsight, Police had all the enforcement authority that was needed to deal will the protestors without the EMA.

    They chose to try and contain and wait them out rather than enforce existing authority.

    It will also be shown, the only new power used from enacting the EMA, will be enhanced power to freeze bank accounts and assets of Protestors.

    A huge overreach IMO and the sign of weak inexperienced leadership.

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    Gilbert says:

    I saw the video of an elderly woman trampled by a horse. I don’t believe she’s dead, but it was disturbing. If I’ve seen it, many around the world have. The police officer on the horse that trampled her is no hero.

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      Warren says:

      She’s not dead. She got up. And she’s apologized for being there. Don’t push BS here.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:


        My question is why are a lot of these great “heroes” wearing bandanas and so many of them quickly pulling them up to cover their faces as soon as they happen to come into camera range? How brave — so willing to face the legal consequences I suppose and how positively Trumpian. Need I say more? Like I said before, so many with beans for brains.

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        Gilbert says:

        It’s not my desire to give inaccurate information. I believe the woman is an elderly and disabled Mohawk, and I believe she was injured. It’s very unfortunate. Will we see arrests and frozen bank accounts in regarding the violent attack of the Coastal Gaslink site in BC?

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    Bill Malcolm says:

    Apparently, many of your commenters still pine for rule under the Conservatives, despite your valid criticisms. Like the truckers who have it in for Trudeau, your constant lambasting of the man seems to have lodged as a permanent feature of the Con mind. Me, I abhor Poilievre, another millionaire posing as a poor man, and as annoying as cowsh!t on my boots.

    Mr O’Dowd thinks the most important thing is to defeat the government in the Commons as soon as possible. That’s after dissing the stupid nitwits like Poilievre and Bergen currently in loose “charge” of the CPC. What, does he think the ragtag bag of Cons could do better? On the evidence so far, they’d sell Canada down the river. Do wake up.

    Keerist, even my best pal, a retired RCMP officer of impeccable morals dismisses the Cons as complete gorfs, and that’s a change. Like me, he’s not enamoured of Trudeau, but compared to the racist SoCon alternative, there is no choice for a thinking person at the moment. I’d get rid of Freeland whose mind is in Ukraine with Mom, not here with us.

    Imagine being a non-white in this country, watching this white racist uprising going on. Who has their backs in the Commons? Only the Liberals and NDP. It takes little imagination on their part to fear SoCons coming to power clutching Bibles they misread on purpose.

    My hope is that the Cons get their arses handed to them at the next election. Won’t happen of course. 25% of the population prefer to remain stupid. And I say that in all good humour. But a further 5 to 10% are in tune with Bernier and the truckers. White ethno-nationalism is bigoted racism, pure and simple. No place for that shite in my country, nor for wackadoodles wrapping themselves in the flag. We need a new one now that these trucking fools have defiled ours.

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    PJH says:

    I beg to differ Mr. O’Dowd……if the gov’t were to be defeated right now…..we would be handed our ass on a plate…..No one in Canada is in the mood for one(save perhaps yourself and a few others that would fill out a phone booth), our party is currently rudderless until the coronation…ugh…..of M. Poilievre…..An election soon would give M. Trudeau the majority govt he so desperately craves, and with our parties ham handed handling of the “Freedom Convoy”, it would be a good question to pose to the Canadian electorate…..”Who do you trust to be on the side of law and order?”…. The Liberal election ads are writing themselves….I would much prefer to keep M. Trudeau on a shorter leash….

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      With respect, not so sure of that. It took this ship of fools three weeks to get their ass in gear and then to massively overreach what with giving themselves the power to snoop in our bank accounts at the drop of a hat. For me, that’s a bridge too far. Couple that with the genius PM’s remarks to the female CPC MP who happened to be Jewish and all you can do is once again give a massive eye roll. Campaigns matter. Remember that they finally threw Churchill out for far less.

      Sure, the interim and the candidate weren’t exactly stellar on this one but they did call for the so-called truckers to go home. Thank God for that.

      If anyone thinks an election will be lost or won on this debacle they are dead wrong. The inflation pocketbook will decide the next election and nothing else but. And there Trudeau and his Bank of Canada are far from sitting pretty. Who was it who said that a week is an eternity in politics? Exactly, and he was right. People are suffering badly and Trudeau and company will get to eventually wear the blame for that. That’s our campaign issue and it’s high time to continually ram it home until decision day.

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        Ronald O'Dowd says:

        I like to refer to it as Trudeau’s inflation.

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          Ronald O'Dowd says:

          Put another way, Pedant’s instincts are absolutely correct on the choice of a campaign issue.

          If inflation lasts to 2024 and it might, it will turn Biden into political toast. In his case, that’s the sad political reality. Hopefully, God will do the world a favour and Trump will drop dead before 2024. That’ll be one hell of a good day.

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        PJH says:

        I agree with many of your points, but I am also old enough to remember PET, on the eve of the 1968 Federal election, standing firm at the St. Jean Baptiste Parade while others cowered under a rain of rocks and bottles….He was not going to be moved by a bunch of angry separatistes, who at that time were willing to do anything to break up Canada. That image helped PET win Ontario for the LPOC. Ontarians, where Federal elections are won or lost, do not stand for mayhem, lawlessness and incivility. Inflation is a trifle in comparison. Mr. Kinsella in his latest post succinctly listed all the reasons for M. Trudeau to invoke the Emergencies Act . I agree with him, as I would guess the majority of Canadians do as well. Do I like the Canadian govt having the ability to freeze my bank account?…..No, but it is a small temporary price to pay to assist in bringing law and order back to this country. Campaigns do indeed matter, but the question will still be which party stood on the side of law and order…Result…the LPOC will win the coming election handily…..

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          Ronald O'Dowd says:

          But that’s just it, it’s ALWAYS temporary just like income tax, the 9-11-01 anti-terrorist laws and now this. They will keep this on the books post crisis and once the CanadianFedCoin comes in, every penny that we spend will fall under their scrutiny. We’ll no longer be living in a constitutional monarchy and a bona fide democracy when that happens and it will.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Correct me if I’m wrong, by all means, but what’s your view on this Prime Minister’s blatant disregard of the rule of law in the SNC matter? For me, it’s disqualifying when it comes to forming government. Were you in favour and most especially of Trudeau’s spineless cabinet going along to get along (and to become suddenly upwardly mobile in cabinet) minus three notable exceptions who happened to be women?

    By your logic, seemingly, I should paint all Liberal MPs as either fascist or communist — you know, being abhorrent on the authoritarian perspective?

    I can tell you for a fact that most CPC members are in no way social conservatives. As usual, your paint brush paints far too broadly, I’m afraid. You’ll recall that I left the party for a decade when Harper quite voluntarily went gonzo right, especially after finally getting his precious majority. Not too bright. Like I always said, Harper ain’t that great a political strategist after all, especially in his own mind, and he proved it in spades. And yes, I would say it to his face but why go out of my way to repeat the obvious? LOL.

    You see, most Canadians are somewhere in the mushy middle and that’s where the CPC will inevitably be, unless we want to be in opposition for the next ten to fifteen years. Hardly.

    IMHO, most CPC members don’t pine for the ways of the little tough guy in Edmonton who’ll take on the EA in court, quite naturally and in character, after the fact. What some pathetic politicians are prepared to do to attempt to boost their own self-induced flagging popularity…

    Where O’Toole went terribly wrong was definitely not in being moderate and centrist as that is his true political nature. Rather, it was pretending to be otherwise simply to trounce MacKay and the so-cons foolishly fell for it.

    Seemingly, you will never cut this party a break and that’s fine as a loyal partisan. Though I’m sorely tempted to do the same thing with your beloved Trudeau Liberals, I’ll pass on that when your party finally gets competent and honorable management with a sliver of political ethics. Some day, one day, inevitably, the Liberals will finally move ahead without this national embarrassment of a prime minister. Some day, but please don’t hold your breath in the interim. They’ll only do it when forced by the polls. After all, the Liberal spine is only susceptible to indications of continued governance, or lack thereof. Other than for only that reason, the Liberal directorate always takes a pass. But quite naturally, you already know that.

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    Shane says:

    Totally unnecessary… There was no need for it to come to this.

    I do not agree with the stance of the truckers, or agree with any of their actions that go beyond exercising their peaceful right to protest.

    Any other PM would have managed the situation better. No other PM would have incited and inflamed it in the same way.

    Trudeau is as much to blame for this outcome as those protesting in my opinion.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      Trudeau is a disingenuous spineless idiot but no, he is not equally responsible for this outcome. That’s on the truckers.

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        Shane says:

        At every possible turn Trudeau and the LPC have sought to polarize Canadians increasingly into one of 2 groups. The 32.6% of the popular vote that got him elected to another minority, and the remainder who have all at some point been on the receiving end of his scorn and derision for having the audacity to question him. He has at no point governed to unify Canada and Canadians.

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    Robert White says:

    What perturbs me about the 170 jailed dumb truckers is their level of ignorance vis-a-vis our legislature. Who in their right mind would think that one only needs an AZ/DZ license and an air-horn to menace the legislature into changing legislation?

    If these ignorant uneducated truckers think they can change the legislation with a truck license & a horn at this juncture what will they think now that they have been arrested and their trucks have been impounded?

    Next the trcukers will resort to armed warfare with the government because they have by now realized that an AZ/DZ truck license and a horn does not sufficiently credential them to draft legislation in Parliament.

    How did Canadian truckers because this regressive in terms of their political thought processes? How can they actually be this stupid? How is this possible?

    Mayor Watson has proposed selling the dumb truckers’ trucks now that we have bills to pay for the cleanup. I fully support throwing the book at the truckers and their mindless uneducated supporters.

    I have very little regard for truckers and their Teamsters Union for the stress & terrorism they organized against our nation’s capital.

    Truckers are radicalized via their collective ignorance which is being reinforced by the right-wing haters that have no education either.

    Screw the mindless flotsam & jetsam truckers. They need to go back to school with Terror Granny in tow.


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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Keep in mind that this is a small minority of truckers coupled with people who in fact are anything but truckers. Most truckers today are owner-operators, small family businesses and they aren’t unionized. Only the large carriers like YRC are Teamster “controlled” and I use that term definitively. So many companies are quite literally scared shitless of the Teamsters. But I digress.

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        Robert White says:

        Points well taken, but I’m of the opinion that the Teamsters Union was used by Trump, Bannon, and Alex Jones, et cetera. The U.S. right-wing fanaticists & fundamentalists used right-wing hate groups and right-wing MSM pundits to promote this foreign attack on Parliament via social media & mass media donation campaigns.

        The organized attack on Parliament came from Bannon’s deviant Opposition Research pressed into action ahead of Trump’s new campaign for POTUS.
        FOX News Corp, Alex Jones Show & website, and Trump all jumped on board in concert to undermine our legislature as they all promoted menacing our residents to achieve their goals.

        Trump is a New York City Real Estate scion that is well known for using unions to force deals for buildings he brokered in NYC. Union manipulation is Trump’s stock & trade. Spend a few hours researching how Trump does business and you will most assuredly see his union plays in action.


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