05.05.2022 07:16 AM

Fifteen million


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    The WHO has become political, some will say by its own actions, while others will say certain political parties have made it political. Either way, it unfortunately throws doubt on their numbers. Sort of like the distrust in some circles of anything related to the United Nations.

    I’m not qualified to speak on the real deal but I will say this: the 6th wave won’t be the last so those who remain unvaccinated and unmasked better have at least an A1 relationship with our Lord. Otherwise…

    It’s that simple.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    At minimum, the global death count is 6,272,154 as of today. Some will argue that’s an under count. Others will say everything and its brother and sister was lumped into the equation as COVID-19 deaths. Who knows what the true death count really is. What is the authentic number, once respective political ideology is taken out of the mix?

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    Shawn says:

    ConVid? Old news. Jan 6? Old news. Ukraine? Old news. Roe v Wade? News, but already fading fast. Fuel and food prices? Now there’s some news you can sink your teeth into. And out west here, wildfire season? Likewise. Gonna be a fun summer and fall coming up. Government working overtime to change the subject, no matter what it is. When all the news is bad, is any of it? Welcome to the long-awaited “new normal,” where life will be one big shit sandwich and you’ll be glad for every bite they allow you. Provided you’re in a mask-free “safe area,” of course.

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      Steve T says:

      So if I understand your thesis correctly:

      1. The media only focus on bad news.

      2. They do this so that their buddies in government can dole out restrictions and the citizenry will just accept the restrictions.

      3. COVID (with your oh-so-clever “ConVid” name) was an overhyped flu, and only snowflakes were worried about it. And masks are a hoax. And only cowards wanted to be in a “safe area”. Or something…

      Did I get that right? If so, your theory has a few holes.

      1. The media’s focus on bad news goes back…um… perhaps to the invention of papyrus in ancient Egypt? The only difference now is that there are so many sources of news.

      2. I would like to learn where these secret media-government meetings take place. You know, the ones where both left-leaning and right-leaning media outlets meet with both right-leaning and left-leaning governments, and plot tomorrow’s headlines in conjunction with tomorrow’s policy announcements. I’ll bet the lunch buffet is fabulous!

      3. Oh… never mind. Had this debate with too many people over the last two years to even want to bother anymore. I’m sure you’ll find ongoing kinship with those who block borders, harass store clerks, and urinate on statues.

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    Gilbert says:

    The official story is that the vaccines were created because of the pandemic, but I think it’s the other way around.

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    Robert White says:

    I went to a PC Party campaign opening/fundraiser yesterday and I wore a mask, but nobody else did.

    I can’t attend a campaign opening without hearing Warren telling me to ‘wear my mask’. The whole time I was there I was thinking at least I’m not going to get in trouble with Warren if someone snaps a photo.

    I wear the mask whenever I’m going into a closed room/location given what the Epidemiologists are advising on average.

    The people that are not wearing masks at campaign openings are taking unwise risks IMHO.

    Campaign openings are weird, and the speeches are weird too. It’s difficult to get excited with these events and I’m always of the opinion that the pep talks are all wrong.

    Lots of elderly people were there too. I managed to get signatures for my nomination forms which is excellent as a start to getting the forms completed. The PC Party people were great about helping with signatures. I appreciate them and the campaign manager who was super excellent to me.

    The lack of masking was kind of strange to me given what’s actually going on still. The seventh wave is next in line too.


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      Ronald O'Dowd says:


      Sure, no doubt seven will be but one of many future engineered waves. Personally, “I’m looking forward” to the incoming ” Russian” waves, you know, morbidity wise. I suspect they will be beyond memorable coming from such a prince, a man above man…

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        Robert White says:

        I’m a Grumpy Marxist. I don’t believe the intelligence, ever. That’s why I’m a Counterintelligence individual instead.

        Putin is working with Jinping. Two peas in a pod.

        I’m not a NATO fan club member, but I do appreciate the Marxists. NATO is too expensive.



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