, 05.01.2022 11:35 AM

KINSELLACAST 208: Mraz, Lilley, Kheiriddin, Belanger on guns, protests, wars, twitters


  1. Warren,

    Boo hoo hoo, those poor long suffering unvaccinated: well, they can all go fuck themselves, except for those with legitimate medical exemptions.

  2. Got to disagree with Warren about the law and order crowd who happen to be CPC members. They have largely taken with enthusiasm to Trump’s quite deliberate cognitive dissonance. For a plurality of warped minds they see absolutely no problem with being slammer happy while carving out a deluded exception for truckers and other so-called libertarians. So many are already in lock step with that perfect POS that scars and disgraces the American political system.

  3. Mraz is right on target. The West’s limited response is a disgrace. We should already be all-in but fortunately God works in mysterious ways: remember the previous demon seed’s obsession with invading Russia. This deluded and demented sociopath is no different. Putin will start by invading Poland in an attempt to choke off military reinforcements and bang, in we’ll finally be by ricochet. Can’t wait and hopefully Putin gets to visit The Hague ASAP.

    Utter disgraceful to let civilians die for so long, but finally in.

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