, 05.29.2022 09:57 AM

KINSELLACAST 212: Mraz, Lilley live from T.O., plus Kheiriddin, Belanger – and Dillinger 4, Red City Radio, Direct Hit, Pkew Pkew Pkew

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Intra-party hate: I come at it a bit from a different angle. Rival serial haters against successful incumbents are losers in the first instance. They absolutely can’t abide winners, like Chrétien, who can joyfully run rings around those pathetic people, even on Chrétien’s worst day in politics. By definition, that makes Chrétien’s people not haters at origin. Rather, they are the legitimate representatives of righteous anger;

    Now to the CPC leadership race: keeping it short, Poilièvre’s quite deliberate scorched earth policy does not ever grow electoral daisies, ever;

    Ford: shades of Nixon’s silent majority — when they ain’t in the streets, you’re winning. Most people have reluctantly or not swallowed Ford, so yes, an increased majority is likely in his political future;

    French CPC Debate: Pierre quite clearly can’t help himself, while the other two feel obliged to give as good as they get. Brown = Charest’s Agnew, which is smart. But the kindergarten flavour of two debates turns off massively those who dared watch: translation, in Eastern Canada, they clicked off IN DISGUST AND DROVES and will vote Liberal;

    Poilièvre forgets the pounding that so many of us gave Harper post 2004. Harper was the usual Alliance-Reform holier than thou type in that election and it ended accordingly. You didn’t see Harper make that same mistake two years later — he evolved and won. Pierre has not learned the 2004 lesson, far from it. The next election will be an instant reply of 2004 and we all know how it will turn out;

    Mandatory voting: rubs me the wrong way. Far too authoritarian for me — leaves for conspiracy theorists that the same gang who makes voting mandatory will likely also fix any election in their favour. Encourages people to become PPC types…;

    Guns: Trudeau who is not normally known for voluntarily making smart political decisions has hit a home run in Atlantic and Eastern Canada on handgun regulation: it definitely guarantees that the Liberals return to power, maybe even with a majority unless he blows his lead in the campaign just like O’Toole did last time;

    Consecutive sentencing/mandatory minimums: a case can be made for same in the most violent of crimes, e.g. mass shootings, etc. But just don’t go the way of the nutcases down South sentencing people to multiple life time sentences which everyone knows the offender will never serve anyway. That quite simply discredits legitimate mandatory minimums and common sense consecutive sentencing. I just don’t like stupid, showboat sentencing à la U.S.A.

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