05.12.2022 06:02 AM

The Reformatory debate in tweets


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    PJH says:

    I wish I had been following your tweets while I was watching the debate….it would have brought a little levity to what I thought was a train wreck of a debate…..Beginning and ending with Tom Clark’s hokum, poor memory, ridiculous questions and as mentioned by you, the love of the sound of his own voice….where’s a Don Newman, Anne Medina, or an Evan Solomon, when you need one?…. I wanted to give Tom the hook in the first five minutes……

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    “The fact that Poilievre would permit laws to be passed criminalizing abortion isn’t new.”

    That’s not exactly my read but I could be wrong: remember how Harper made absolute fools out of the rabid-right pro-lifers? He allowed all of them to introduce bills to their hearts’ content and then a) said none of them were government bills and b) that he and his ministry colleagues would vote against each bill and be whipped as ministers, if necessary.

    One would of thought that the right-wing suckers would have learned from that and know that they’re about to be played royally once again.

    Trouble is, it was a great Harper government plan but a really lousy electoral one because it still scared off women and probably not just on the margins.

    So…Pierre who is apparently pro-choice as of last night better be super careful of where he treads on abortion. If he’s too clever by half, it could blow up in Poilièvre’s face.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Too funny. Just got polled in French: for whom will you vote, PP hit the 2 key, JC the 3 key, etc.

    Guess what happened right after I hit TWO! The call ended i-m-m-e-d-i-a-t-e-l-y. Not very good sports, I guess.

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    Call Me Señorita says:

    Poilievre reminds me of Bruce McCulloch’s ‘Gavin’ from KITH… https://youtu.be/0Jkm6aYYdB8

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