, 06.25.2022 02:57 PM

KINSELLACAST 216: Just me and Lilley – on stupid people and stupid decisions


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    Ronald O'Dowd says:


    FDR ended up packing the court the old-fashioned way given that his legislation never made it out of Congress.

    2022 legislation would never pass the current Senate and given Uncle Mitch’s previous performance with A.G. Garland, McConnell would only hold up future nominations or not allow them to get a vote as he did with Garland.

    In short, women have to defy men and massively vote Democratic in the mid-terms otherwise this is a lost cause.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    Poilièvre, if he wins, which I think is clear he will, need to look strong, in command, at the top of all his briefs and unintimidated by O’Toole or his so-called allies.

    Part of this may come from Pierre’s lateral move or outright demotion under O’Toole. If so, it will make him look weak, petty and operating like a scaredy cat. In short, an incredible net minus on the solidity of his future leadership. Harper would have never contemplated such a thing. It’s all about command and control and running a proper, tight and unified ship. Pierre better keep the above in mind and quash this at worst, in a New York minute.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    I’ll modify the words of a very astute political operator: [some of the] Conservatives [always take] an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    This behavior is clearly disqualifying in Lewis’ case for leader and only cements the rest of them as right-wing cranks and lost causes.

    This behavior needs to be reigned in and frankly condemned by the next leader, otherwise it’s back to CPC ritual election suicide at the hands of the Trudeau incompetents.

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      Ronald O'Dowd says:

      And anyone who even dreams of going after MRG should be immediately expelled from caucus. If an MP can’t take her frank and honest assessment of the UCP, then let ’em sit as an independent, or join Bernier’s PPC nutcases.

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    Ronald O'Dowd says:

    If this is accurate, it only confirms that our campaign is already toast as yours truly indicated weeks ago. So sad that I know the membership and supporters so well:


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    Sean says:

    Re supposed planned ouster of Michelle Rempel…

    This can happen at any moment for any reason. The caucus leadership can simply tell the speaker and there is no recourse. This is within the known powers of MPs.

    Chong’s law re. caucus power is a meaningless waste of paper when it comes to leadership ousters and caucus ousters. I genuinely don’t understand why anyone even refers to this.

    Am I wrong?! If I am wrong… please someone explain to me like I’m a 2 year old what I am missing here.

    This bugs me because I think MPs have way – WAY – more legal power than they are told or is commonly understood… which has led to the deterioration of parliamentary democracy in Canada.

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