10.27.2022 11:00 AM

Me on the eschatology of Toronto sport

…with Ari Shapiro.


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    Sean says:

    I found this fascinating and definitely worth of more discussion.

    I am a die hard Jays fan first and foremost. I attended 3 World Series games as a kid and about a dozen playoff games so I am a serious, legit Jays fan… but I really had trouble getting excited about this year’s team. Too much analytics. Too much flashy hair doos. Not enough heart. No desperation at all which is what makes any team a champion.

    I don’t even follow any NHL stuff anymore. Instead, I’m completely invested with my local junior team and I think they are prepped to really do some damage this year. If you want great live sports entertainment, bang for your buck, check out your local OHL team. Those players are only around for three years or so and it is so much fun trying to figure out who will make it. $30 sits you right behind the bench. Can’t beat that this day in age!

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    Pipes says:

    Well, I may as well say this and stand by for a beating but, as far as sport is concerned I think it is often played best at the amateur level . I think the Olympic Games as an example, in every possible sport, should be permanently moved back to Greece and professional athletes cut out of the games. That may make a generational shift back to a moure purest form of sport. Just saying….Let the beating begin…..

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      Sean says:

      no disagreement here!

      However, the Olympics are so serious, there must be room for athletes to at least make a reasonable living while training… if not compensated at full market value. There must be a grey area.

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    Arron Banks says:

    Toronto needs to have two NHL teams (or at least three to four in the GTHA). Toronto is probably the only largest city of a country in the entire world that doesn’t have multiple sports teams in at least one of the major leagues that the city participates in. That has allowed teams like the Leafs to get away with the price gouging because they know there’s an overwhelming demand in the area for NHL hockey and they’re the only supplier lol

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